Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-11-05

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Date: 20131105
Present: David, Edward, Lucio, Kevin, Mika, Shanshan, KJ, Aaron

1. Wednesday Meeting 5 speakers


  • 丁晓勇 三民馆 建筑复原模型


  • 9th 10th MSP workshop, @andy
  • YK pal, 20 kids 16th morning. introductions to 3d printers and robotics (shanshan @ qichen)
  • Insect bot workshop by lutz on 16th SAT afternoon 2~5pm, 15ppl max 250rmb. (Announcement @Sara weibo and @Aaron wechat, @kevin setup event) KEVIN: DONE
  • 17th SUN Introduction to arduino, paul, 2~5pm 150per person. (Announcement @Sara weibo and @Aaron wechat, @Paul and @kevin setup event) KEVIN: DONE
  • Sewing machine workshop, 23rd SAT 2~5pm, 150rmb, materials included (Announcement @Sara weibo and @Aaron wechat, @Paul and @shanshan setup event)
  • Lucio 17th Cinnamon roll workshop 12:00pm, @lucio please update on the details
  • 24th Aquaponics workshop, sara handling.

3. 12th Nov, show and tell with W+K 1pm.

  • @Lucio, @KJ, @lucio please send out a wechat to see who else is coming.

4. Lucio claimed Michael bike.

5. 3D Printing Mini Workshop on last saturday,

  • good job Shanshan & David!!!!
  • 23ppl show up

6. Final event for the year from Techyizu, hackathon like event

  • small < 50ppl, 10 team, box of staff idea, sponsor money,
  • 7th~8th Dec, or 18~19th Jan, or next year.
  • Proposed title "Open make shit", having a workshop on the side.
  • @Lucio can help with machine room,
  • @aaron from xinchejian,
  • @shasha, habib from techyizu can help,
  • @kevin start a email thread on staff mailing list, please prepare a waver document on responsibility.
    • Mailing: DONE
    • Responsibility: Will do...

7. Insurance

  • @paul how is the insurance?

8. Lucio approached by Tongji university making a opensource 3D printer,

  • lucio want to expand it to xinchejian,
  • @lucio please email to staff with more info.
  • David: if you don't charge them money, they will still expect a lot from us, make sure is a professor, not some student.

9. Lucio rent a place for his own 3d printing company,

  • open to public.
  • Lucio would like to collaborate with XinCheJian.
  • QingZu Bei road, opposite 6th people's hospital.

10. Accounting company, a book keeper.

  • @mika, 记账服务。
  • @kevin please send your contact. KEVIN: Sent email to ask

11. Kicking out staff

  • The first amendment to he rule of kicking out staff: Vacation Break is excused.
  • @Lucio, please draft out the specific details.

12. MIIT 公信部, invite xinchejian to participate.