Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-10-29

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  • First ever XinCheJian staff meeting in Chinese!

Wednesday Night

  • Arrange space: KJ, Aaron, Zhao Lie
  • MC: Aaron
  • Tours: Chinese Sophia/Jia Qi English: Andi
  • Photos and blog: Shanshan
  • MSP/Jitter workshop intro - KJ

Thursday night

- KJ, David


Saturday =

- 3D Printing Mini Workshop


- Make+ in MoCA - Follow up with French musician

- Clean up the closet

MSP/Jitter Workshop: Andi, KJ

  • 11/23 Sewing machine workshop: Hosted Shanshan
  • 11/17 ROS Hello World Workshop
  • 11/13 ROS on Wednesday Open Night
  • Aquaponics workshop - Sara follow up
  • Aquaponics outing - Sara/Jia Qi