Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-10-22

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Present: Freda, Lucio, Sara, David Late: Andi

start time: 8:43

space issues

  • k staying & s not sure
  • space management: only two candidates applied to position x. still not public
  • 2-3 hours a day weekdays, more time weekends.

welding course

  • 50rmb per hour
  • professional training agency
  • lucio to follow up on certificate based
  • can bring equipment
  • 8 people maximum
  • insurance?
  • where to weld?
  • w+k confirmation
  • next staff meeting to confirm these, additional questions send directly to lucio


  • Kevin to get final quote, 11:00 am paul will be there on friday
  • Mika, Paul and Edward have the responsibility on them and they have to make the decision
  • Insurance for machine room for XCJ
  • Waiver for machine room and whole of xinchejian on signup.

machine room

  • susan to have full access to Machine room? paul to check back through documents.


  • freda to mc, andi supports
  • paul to fix the newsletter
  • to announce, barcamp (25-26?), maker carnival (19-20)

staff volunteers

  • Staff members to get free membership for helping out
  • minimum of two staff meetings a month
  • have a staff task list to validate staff activity, x amount of completed stuff to remain on staff


  • mika to order more drinks

Special event!

  • massimo banzi on thursday the 17th or monday the 21st, david do the miracle!

Workshops at XCJ

  • vvvv - change dates, to announce and spam around, going to be only sunday