Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-08-06

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* Date           : 2013 August 06
* Location       : XinCheJian
* Scheduled Time : 19:45
* Staff Present  : Valentin, Paul, Edward, Lio, Freda, Sophia, Kevin
* Others Present :

Bank Account

  • FREDA to open
    • OPENED! Sophia to give to moneybox money to Freda
    • Stakeholder money to be stored here? Either that, or cash, depending on target
    • Deposit half of Lio's 4th installment, 1500


  • KEVIN to help
    • Kevin to start, take notes, basic procedures

Accounting and Consulting Company

  • EDWARD to chase on this
    • Tomorrow (Wed) some girl is coming by
  • Lio says ask the old guy
  • KEVIN to also ask friend for accountant
    • Needs to know scope. Fapiao/Yearly/Monthly...

Liability Insurance

  • EDWARD to follow up
  • Fire, property
  • Liability insurance
  • Space Insurance
    • Cheap, covers legal fees, ~4500/year = 500k coverage; size matters
    • Machine room? Either exclusion or premium
    • PAUL to get quotes
    • KEVIN to ask for quote, liability, medical?

George [potential stakeholder]

  • Misunderstood the stakeholder fee, must clear this up. Has a 360 sqm space, might be used for XinCheJian 2.
  • 12K to be stored in XCJ not-company-account
  • FREDA to invite GEORGE to staff meetings, once he's back from business trip


  • No actual stock, just agreement (lifetime membership, veto)
  • Punt until we get accountant/consultant
  • Agreement? Need a new agreement. KEVIN looking at it right now.


Changing: PAUL -> VALENTIN


  • EDWARD To open account

Wednesday Talk

  • S.E.G. "Jack"
  • "Harry"


  • Wanted: Arduino and Sumo robot
    • Arduino: Sat. 17th, free for members? PAUL
    • 150RMB, ex kit, require membership (6hrs * 25RMB = 150RMB)
    • To be added to mailing! PAUL


  • Barcamp, Sept. 14th, HULT, with Android camp. Presenters? Need summary + bio.
  • Hackathon, November. JIMMY + ??. Allow Hardware? Venues? Up to us.

Ayi to pay

Who to give her the money? 1500RMB

  • Valentin to give 1500 to the Ayi (half of Lio's 4th installment)

Summer Cleaning

Coming weekend: machine room!

Wednesday 28th RE:Make+


New Website

  • Feedback -
  • HK hosting faster
  • Any responsive themes?
    • KEVIN will look.

Safety Stuff

  • Waiting on Min Lin


Wireless Arduino Talk

  • EDWARD willing to

Summer Clean-up

  • The space is overwhelmed with trash and useless stuff, machine room too, maybe it's time for a cleanup?
  • Not done
  • Fridge is better...

  • Kits Area - Jonas
    • ARDUINOs need to be ordered?
    • Jonas suggests to sell them at the meeting
    • Ask DF Robot to have a box here to sell them.
      • And we ask for some money.
    • LIO sending email to Rockets
    • We want Arduino Starter Kits
    • ROCKETS is bringing 10 kits tomorrow

  • What happens when the stuff comes back from the Shanghai Library?
    • Dunno - not our problem... yet.
  • Michael Liao's stuff -- can we move this?
    • Edward suggests we make it communal property
    • KEVIN will ask Ricky to give us the Skydrive link again


  • Is this a stupid idea?


  • D Workshop - lio - needs to kickstart it
  • Arduino workshop ?
  • Opencv workshop - Paul
  • Minecraft to 3d printing for kids - valentin

New Website and Membership System

  • paul and lio moving old site tonight! --?? Did this happen?
  • LIO to work on the database conversion

Other Events

==Space Opening / Closing==
* Thursday -           /  
* Friday   -           /  
* Saturday -           / 
* Sunday   -           / 
* Monday   -           /