Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-07-09

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* Date           : 2013 July 09
* Location       : XinCheJian
* Scheduled Time : 19:45
* Staff Present  : valentin, sophia, mika, lio, paul
* Others Present : jonas, ihan, Rafaelle 

Company stuff

Company bank account is registered

  • waiting on call from bank
  • company account setup
  • paul and mika to go to bank, 1 more time, dont know why.
  • mika to create alipay zhifubao

Paul testing out a VOIP service, hopefully have a landline number for XCJ if all goes well.

  • Keep the Authorized Persons List Updated.
    • Next Session?
    • Noise bridge has nice video
    • record a video for machine room training.

Wednesday Talks

  • papershoes? - lio
  • Fundator - andi
  • intern - yes
  • spencer - ask spencor to be on hold
  • make+ - 2 presenters

weibo wall setup - finally! vps.chaos-studio.com can only use if you are on the list, xinchejian and nihaopaul are on the list :D - code is on github

  • lio to setup SB/xcj

Next Wednesday Talk

Coworking Space - revisited

  • kevin: i want to save 10k a month and move 12 people into the space
  • dude not being honest about not being a business, not being honest, a hustler not a hacker, exploiting a loophole
  • xinchejian reserves the right to the space for workshops, and members need to move.
  • people still not cool with robin, dont like freeloading and being raped.

Summer Clean-up

  • The space is overwhelmed with trash and useless stuff, machine room too, maybe it's time for a cleanup?
  • What happens when the stuff comes back from the Shanghai Library
  • lio cleaning up thursday and friday
  • fridge and soldering area
  • kits area - jonas
  • machine room - valentin

Broadband Access

  • line renewed, now time to complain about the quality of service
  • change password
  • members get no QoS
  • guests get splashscreen and QoS


  • Firefly workshop - this weekend
    • more promotion
  • D Workshop - lio - needs to kickstart it
  • arduino workshop ?
  • opencv workshop - Paul
  • minecraft to 3d printing for kids - valentin

Kevin: Kickstarter for workshops!

Policy Stuff

  • back to wiki to confirm

Website and Membership System

  • paul and lio moving old site tonight!

Accounting Stuff

  • autopay alipay

Other Notes

Other Events

New Members Party - THURSDAY, JULY 11 - !CANCELLED!

  • ANDI apologize but can't organize the party this week due to work constraints :(
  • ANDI will organize the New Member's Party in a date TBD
  • 10 minute intro
  • Easy project - throwies?
  • Past line-follower, spaghetti bridge
  • LIO to check on rooftop party
  • LIO to send the link www.stinkybad.com/

==Space Opening / Closing==
* Thursday -           /  Lio
* Friday   -           /  Lio
* Saturday -     Kevin / Mika
* Sunday   -     Freda / 
* Monday   -           /