Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-06-25

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* Date           : 2013 June 24
* Location       : XinCheJian
* Scheduled Time : 20:45
* Staff Present  : Kevin, Paul, Ricky, MinLin, Valentin, Lucio, Lio, Andrea (Mika, Edward)
* Others Present : Jonas

Welcome Backs!

  • Paul is back!
  • Min Lin is back!
  • Ricky is back

Company stuff

Company Stuff done!!!

  • JULY 3
  • Need to transfer basic bank account to company bank account

Jonas membership almost done!!

Machine Room Stuff

  • Pin Changed
  • Session Organized
  • Email list for authorized people? (like machineroom@xinchejian.com) for mass emails, new authorized people, safety kits available, etc. AGREED
  • Please take pictures of mess, and people will clean up (sent to machineroom@xinchejian.com)

Front door down

  • Lio working on it

Sunday Training

  • Done by Andi & Valentin
  • Andi made a good PDF of the safety workshop
  • Next Safety Workshop - When?
  • Need to buy some "Personal Protection Kit" (mask, gloves, glasses)
    • VALENTIN will provide list to MIN LIN

  • Keep the Authorized Persons List Updated.
    • Next Session?
    • Lucio -- to fix the plugs (this week)
    • LUCIO to send the link of the right plug to MINLIN

Wednesday Talks

  • Cafe des Sciences X XinCheJian : ComplexCity, with the researcher Fabien Pfaender.
    • Speaker wants it to be interactive
    • Weibo Wall? - We'll create a hashtag
    • #cafexcj ??
    • Willing to continue cooperation over time
    • Expecting a lot of people...
    • Start at 7:00 PM, start organizing at 6:00 PM
    • RICKY, PAUL to be there
    • (Unlikely) Need help to setup a weibo-wall during the event (verified account?)

New Pathway Event - 3rd of July

  • Present on Wednesday
  • Rent the space on 4th of July
  • 6000 RMB - For the space, but no advertising // UPDATE?
    • Cancelled? They only come on Wednesday


  • Only interested in the Wednesday talk


  • Willing to do it
  • Proposing a Thursday

Next Wednesday Talk

  • UT - try to get the maker
  • David's contact

Coworking Space ??

  • Update on the situation. Still a lot of people working in the space during the day.
  • JIMMY talked to them
  • 4 people at company (for a month)
  • They still need to cleanup

Summer Clean-up

  • The space is overwhelmed with trash and useless stuff, machine room too, maybe it's time for a cleanup?
  • What happens when the stuff comes back from the Shanghai Library

Vending Machine / Display Case

  • Candy rack display case - MIN LIN to price it

Shanghai Library Extended

  • Shanghai Library likes to extend the exhibition and maybe more workshops.
    • We didn't do any?

Container on the Bund

  • Communist Youth League which is our host for last year's Maker Carnival is doing a month long Creative Carnival from Sep 5th to Oct 5th. The ideas are containers on the Riverside Promenade ((浦东)滨江大道) on the Pudong side. The containers are visible from the Bund. They have asked if we are interested in having one or more container. See the following PDF for the event arrangement.


  • We can either prepare our own container or use their source and contractor. The cost of container is likely to be between 10,000 to 15,000 RMB. We will own the container.

There was some hackerspace in a container talk among several hackerspaces in the last Shenzhen meetup. We may be able to run crowdfunding campaigns to raise fund for containers and transport.

  • Build a team project? Announce on wednesday?
    • Not positive reception by staff.
    • If David wants to do it, great.
    • Not enough resources to work on the existing space.
    • Only interested if they pay for everything.

Broadband Access

  • Our broadband access yearly subscription is going to end soon. The choice:

- Get our own line - Split with G2C (as the past year) The cost of the broadband is about 12,000 a year.

- Agreed to split a 10 Mb line with Good2China - DAVID to follow up on this.


  • Arduino Workshop
    • What happened?
    • 2 girls showed up, no workshop??
    • Maybe one coming? Please see Paul


Policy Stuff

  • Jimmy working on this?

Website and Membership System

  • Update on Edward card system, platform, website?
    • Edward, Jimmy not here
    • ANDI will follow up with Jimmy on waivers

Accounting Stuff

  • Sophia - Contact her
  • Kevin - took a look. Waiting on membership system.

Other Notes

Techyizu Designing Shanghai - SATURDAY, JULY 6

  • Theme: Design for Disaster
  • Please come

Make+ Event - SUNDAY, JULY 7

  • LIO, VALENTIN, others to be a mentor
  • Mentors Responsibilities - Reviewing projects for Make+ people

Other Events

New Members Party - THURSDAY, JULY 11

  • ANDI will organize the New Member's Party
  • 10 minute intro
  • Easy project
  • Past line-follower, spaghetti bridge
  • LIO to check on July 11 for rooftop party
  • LIO to send the link www.stinkybad.com/

==Space Opening / Closing==
* Thursday -           /  jimmy
* Friday   -           / Valentin
* Saturday -   paul    /
* Sunday   -           /
* Monday   -           /