Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-05-21

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3d printing event - Sophia

  • June 21nd Friday night - open talks, panelist talk about 3d printing stuff, 50-100 persons; not in
  • June 22nd Saturday - workshop by professionals, green 3d printing, biomaterials

We can suggest the time, place. Moderator can only do Friday night, Saturday day time. What can we do? How much $? 25,000 RMB

  • provide event space
  • promote/marketing
  • reach out to makers
  • find panelist
  • food? no.

Shanghai library

New space on 4th floor, design/tools stuff, part exhibition. Ask XCJ to do a 1 month exhibition. Dump everything we got here in the library? Doesn't have to work! Move the 26th.

  • Lio to bring the Arcade Machine
  • Old 3D printer
  • David to make posters
  • Valentin to send the template
  • Sophia to organize the texts
  • Tomorrow (Wed 22nd) new edition of Portraits of Makers
  • Windows 8 touch screens, to show XCJ slideshow
  • Visit tomorrow, ask David. TBD Wechat

Shanghai Hackerspace

Government run one, wants close relationship with XCJ. Do we need help?


  • 3 stakeholders in the queue, 3x12k=36k.
  • Minlin to finish totals before holiday EoM, ~20k

Company update

  • Got the money,

=960 left Waiting for agent to give us the 3 major papers: license, organisation code, tax license.

Shanghai Open Source

June 1st

  • Lio to talk about D, 2pm
  • Could the next one be in XCJ?

Membership system

Jimmy sent the mail


Kevin, waiting for call, everybody needs waiver