Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-05-07

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* Date           : 2013 May 7
* Location       : XinCheJian
* Scheduled Time : 20:05
* Staff Present  : Min Lin, Valentin, Lucio, Mika, Jimmy, Freda, Kevin, Lio, Edward
* Others Present : 

DF Robot and copying of Mika's invention

  • DF Robot is selling a kit for a concept that was originally created by Mika at Xinchejian
  • DF Robot said it got the idea from the Beijing Hackerspace
  • The original concept is from Mika

  • ACTION: Xinchejian Staff should follow up with Rockets at DF Robot
    • MIKA to write email
    • Goal is to get acknowledgement for original concept from Mika
    • We hope Rockets will understand what happened and to support Xinchejian
  • ACTION: Create a "Terms of Service / Membership" for Xinchejian members
    • This should be a standard, and accepted by all members of Xinchejian during registration
    • KEY IDEA: Unless expressly stated by the member, all projects are assumed to be covered by CREATIVE COMMONS - NON-COMMERCIAL - ATTRIBUTION license.

  • ACTION: Create a "Partnership Document" for official Xinchejian partners
    • This should be a standard document. Signatures required for official partners.
    • KEY IDEA: Avoid companies taking advantage of the work / IP of Xinchejian members. They should attribute ideas to Xinchejian and the specific member. If the work is commercial, expectations are to offer some help to the community.

XINCHEJIAN POLICY - Membership - Terms of Service

  • Goal is to create a document
  • Handle damages and liability
  • Will be incorporated into new website / membership system
  • JIMMY will do research on terms and conditions at hackerspaces
    • Recommended to look at www.hackerspaces.org

XINCHEJIAN POLICY - Using Xinchejian Name

  • KEY RULE: Members / Staff planning to use Xinchejian in an event or publication must send an email to staff and stakeholders.
    • This is to prevent misuse of Xinchejian

Laser Cutter Problems

  • Alignment problem
  • Lucio needs help to get it fixed
  • Company has not been very helpful.
  • Lucio needs a Chinese speaker / writer to handle correspondence with Chinese company
    • Lucio will announce at next week's Wednesday meeting (Wed May 15)
    • Edward will look into this if he has more time

Xinchejian Interns

  • DECIDED: Xinchejian can't afford paid interns
    • Concordia guy, 6m internship guy - 3000 RMB / month (too much)
  • JIMMY is appointed to be INTERN WRANGLER
    • Valentin will support
    • Jimmy is responsible for hiring interns and all associated paperwork

Make+ Program

  • Event took place last weekend (Sunday May 5)
  • Roughly 40-50 people showed up. Many walk-ins, not registered people.
  • Overall, sense was that this was higher than expected turnout.
  • ISSUE: Make+ sponsorship?
    • Looks like free membership for 3 months was promised
    • Requirement is that the teams teach a workshop
    • Workshop is supposed to essentially "pay" for their memberships
  • Conclusion is that Xinchejian Staff want to be supportive
    • Staff consensus is that this is a worthwhile experiment
    • We want to support Sophia

Machine Room issue with Good to China

  • Good to China employees got access to machine room through Susan.
  • This is a violation of Xinchejian Machine Room Rules
    • Use of Machine Room is limited by Xinchejian membership, machine room training, and liability waiver
    • People who do not have all three are not allowed to use the machine room

Xinchejian Website

  • Done but...
  • Needs Chinese translation
  • Jimmy's new intern will do this
  • ACTION: EDWARD and JIMMY will work together on integrating subscription system this week (roughly)


  • Mika's project on W+K display

Shanghai Library Design Studio

  • Xinchejian asked to put on a small maker fair at end of May?
  • ACTION: JIMMY to talk to David to talk about it next week


Rent - What's the story?

  • ACTION: MIKA or EDWARD to talk with David Li
    • Understanding rent at W+K situation
    • Are we paid? What's the situation?

Potential Space - Shanghai Government Hackerspace

  • Lots of space. Is it a fit for Xinchejian?
  • Opportunities?

Potential Space - New Location at Changping Lu

  • JIMMY to take another look
  • Lucio - Not a fan. Environment not great.
  • Need to get a quote on price and size


Movie Night Friday (May 10)

  • Evangelion 3.0

Proposed Event: China 100k

  • Wednesday May 8 - 9 minute presentation
  • Thursday - June 20 7-10 PM
    • 3000 RMB / night (3 hours) for space rental
    • 3000 RMB for Weibo + inclusion in email
    • Lucio - It's important to think about our partnerships, not becoming commercial
    • Consensus - We'll decide case by case.

Proposed Evnet: Nanjing Kids Coming to Xinchejian

  • Proposed Event: July... Nanjing kids with parents do workshops
  • MIN LIN is responsible
  • Proposed workshops
    • Line Follower
    • New Insectbot
  • Proposed Costs
    • MIN LIN will write a proposal
    • Require minimum number of signups and minimum payment
    • Suggested price is 500 RMB per person, minimum 15 people. Discount possible.

Space Schedule

  • Wednesday - ?
  • Thursday - ?
  • Friday - ?
  • Saturday - Open: Freda, Close:
  • Sunday - Open: Freda, Close:
  • Monday - ?