Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-04-09

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* Location       : XinCheJian
* Scheduled Time : 20:05
* Staff Present  :
* Others Present : 


  • "shareholder's agreement"
  • "stakeholder's agreement"
  • T-shirt - Mat?

Hangzhou - Science Fair

  • recall from Lucio

Robo race Attendees, in order of finishing: Edward, Paul, Lio Problem: not announced in time; donation messed up the schedule


  • Donation / Garage sale?
    • A Sunday garage sale. We have pictures. Should we price everything? Michael's rule: half of taobao?
  • Finances
    • Minlin is still working on it.
  • Space is the project
    • "The future of the hacker space"-project, might use the Metropolis project as the model. Minlin+Valentin
  • Wednesday night talks
    • DIY iPad/iOS stylus; David+Lutz: how to print a 3D ass; media. Paul to send out the mail.
  • NPathway wants to announce a startup competition, 90K RMB at stake
    • 9 minutes limit, like everybody else.
  • Publicity Bitchiness aka no rights reserved policy for hacker space
    • Everything you do in XinCheJian is by definition public. Take-down notices should always be obeyed. Release forms are cumbersome, but 'on-demand' is impractical because the author might not be contacted. Be courteous: ask for verbal release.
  • New members orientation
    • Next Friday: April 19th. Mikalin+Lio
  • Wednesday Pod^H^H^Hvideocast recording routine (Setup, Presenters agreement, storage, and distribution)
    • Every week. Inform people that it's being recorded. Valentin
  • Company
    • 信彻坚!Got the stamps, need 30000 capital + 90 (stamps) + 2100 (fees) = 32190 RMB. Can be paid by the subscriptions/drinks money (Minlin). To pick from a list of banks. ICBC on Huaihai/Changshu seems closest.