Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-04-02

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Start: 7:45:01pm

1. Feedback: Arduino workshop --> not enough to promote, cannot find the page in the website. More project centric -> merge the hack this workshop Printed material to refer to, maybe soldering Next one: june

3d scanning workshop --> 8 pple show up, everyone gets to scan each other.

3d printing workshopg 7 pple, 4 kids. it would be nice to be longer, and people can get some hands on experience. need more people to help.

3d projection workshop --> 15min late, mentors should come 30min in advance to setup

2. Laser cutter: Xinchejian workshop revenue by lucio to payback for the laser cutter.

3. Company registration update company named settled. Need personal chop Deeper cooperation with techyizu, all in favor. Once we get the paper, arrange a meeting

4. Present new website build Edward and jimmy sync API Jimmy would do a presentation

5. Member support *code* Covered. Lucio and Valentin talk to the agent Ricky talk to liu yan from xindanwei

6. Membership registration system Edward meeting with jimmy to cooperate.

6. XinCheJian brand update Paul did update to logo. More awesome!

7. Ching ming holiday people Thursday: Lucio workshop: 3D scanning 3hrs. Ricky, Friday: RC car hacking , line follower workshop, whole day, whenever, free to members, charge 250 to outsiders. Saturday: Robot racing: afternoon 1pm~5pm Sunday: Workday, cancel workshop

8. Mess from people not putting their crap away: table should be clean every night. What ever is left over would be put in a box of shame. Ricky write the rules, edward & mika print them out.

9. Welcome back: Valentin Michael

10. Ricky, Interview training, 27th April, for intern and more people, feedback for interviewers.

11. Beijing hackerspace is having art hack, April 12 ~ 14th, techyizu cooperation

12. Tasks.......

13. Lio -> Hire a permanent staff / intern. Setup a fund, whoever is pro to this idea, can put in money.