Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-03-12

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- company registration
Did not receive anything from david.

- state of funds
Minlin: Break down of revenue

-membership fees
-things we brought
- Anyone sign up new member need to update the spreadsheet
- Split of responsibilities
  Kevin: document Roles and emails

- new website
  Jimmy: Please update us?

- xcj birthday party  -- OPEN TO Member and members' friends.
  Cake: Minlin
  Beer: Jimmy? please update
  DJ: Lio
  Roof access: Lio fill in the form
  Soft drinks: Minlin
  Food: NO bbq, not enough time. Pizza, fried chiken, shenjian.
  Entrance fee: RSVP 30rmb
- month of video (XCJ) because coming workshops are all about video
  Put them all together in one month. (plus movie night)
  Mat: workshop, and friends
  Ihan: stopmotion
  Egmen: video
  Paul in charge
- wednesday topics ICS is filming
  CSK: Robot peak
  Mike Loh: Cos play
  Allen Yang: Machines and what they do

- barcamp rally/topics, thrusday afternoon for photo. 3 big room 60ppl, 1 for drupal camp, 12 10~15 rooms, available.
  Organize: Ricky, please gather some topics
  Workshops: Who

- push for more workshops
  Full for march
  1 for april
  Kevin suggest : Every member have to teach 6 hours a year
  - Awsome arduino, at least once a month
  - MAX/MSP - Processing
  - 3D design / printing

- new location? Anyone has any suggestions? David / Minlin please update us on financial status so we can find out how much we can afford
  - Keep current place and rent otherspace when needed -- Please suggest space around here. Minlin, check with W+K for 3rd place.
  - Kevin vulenteers his office space.

- filming of wednesdays
  Paul: filming
  Minlin: Findout the youku account and share it

- Buy power extensions : Minlin

- Robot racing: Edward Paul to 6 April

- Buy laser cutter:

- Arduino workshop: Paul, edward, lio, Mika, Allen 30th March, 19th March for preparation meeting.

- Spring Cleaning, 16th March, 
  - Edward: Buy food.
  - Paul: Send email to gather people
  - Rubbish bag.