Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-03-05

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Congrats to Lucio for the 3D printing workshop Thanks to Sophia for preparing ars electronica doc and organizing Maker+


  1. Linux conf system for member: Euccas will explore that: status?
  2. arduino workshop, Edward volunteered, who else? ==> Paul. Short 1 day tutorial style

  1. Possibility of recording of the wednesday nights
    • David: Please check email for the site which has the service: Status?
    • Leo : try webcam-> did we try it last wednesday? ==> Try this wednesday in the central area
    • leo reserved, minlin please send email to inform
    • idea: charge everyone 5rmb next week.
  1. Only member can access in normal hours, add how to access the space, email, and wednesday
  2. Paul Saturday And Sunday
  1. 16th March, XinCheJian Spring cleaning: lunch/ branch party at 11am in the space.
  1. Log books at 3D printer and Machine room->minlin
    • Camera for 3d Printer area-> edward
  1. Wednesday speaker
    • Who? - city project
    • Email ==> Paul
    • MC ==> Lio
    • Recording ==> edward
    • more media coming, again ==> TV
  1. New opening status sign system, and duty for staff members.
  1. Better lighting => do it during spring cleaning
  1. Next Robot Racing, date, publicize, invitation etc. ==> April
  1. IKEA coming next tuesday during day - david 2pm.
  1. resupply the machine room:
    • band saw blade ==> edward
    • sanding machine belt ==> paul

  • 26th March XinCheJian Birthday!!!!!! HUUURAYYYY

==> Jimmy : Beer ==> Minlin : Softdrinks ==> Lio : ask W+k for BBQ

  • One month free for wemon