Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-02-26

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  • 1. Though we talked about this numerous times, but due to the recent increase in interest in the space, the question of who is a member and who can come in at what time becomes a real question.

a. Always asking b. The red band. Start give out the tags c. Put up a sign outside the door: Edward d. Tell everyone the policy on wednesday: Lio

  • 1.1 - Use of hackerspace passport + NFC tag? to track memberships --> use simple card
  • 1.2 - Development of membership system: a form to register new members, to send email reminders, to greet member when they check-in to the space --> see below
  • 2. How do we keep current members engaged

Linux conf system for member: Euccas will explore that

  • 3. I would like to propose revive of the arduino workshop, i volunteer, who else?

Edward volunteer: Mid of march, who else interested?

  • 4. Possibility of recording of the wednesday nights

David: Please check email for the site which has the service. Leo edward: try webcam

  • 5. Staff member duties

Only weekend morning becomes a problem. Minlin find out who can open for this weekend.

  • 6 - machine room and tools in general. How to keep it clean and tidy. (a fine? as Rick proposed a box someone leaves cash for someone to clean it.

Buy type for labeling machine: Minlin Organise a organising session: Colour code tools, and have designated area --> 16th March Come up with a budget we can affort, post a job on xinchejian to look after xinchejian Allow Ayi to go in to machine room Task for new member: on top of the membership fees: lucio contribute on the task list, start mail thread

  • 7 - Use of 3D printers (rules, fees, trainings, maintenance)

moneybox: minlin big sign: edward

   3rmb per gram 
   member only
   you have to know how to use
   Log your usage

create a video:lucio after 3d pinter workshop web cam: edward

  • 8 - Reservation and checking-in/out of tools/equipments

Paper log entering of machine room: Minlin

  • 9. safety and operation online menu for the machine room and tools. and an access code for the machine room that bunds to the membership?

Only staff member have the access code. Check youtube for the tools. Inventory list on the cleaning day, name the machines

  • 10. ongoing exchanges between hackerspaces in China and internationally? (ok, i am addicted to exchanges now)

Ambassador program: Minlin Wednesday report in the world hackerspaces Tom Igoe : First week of april (Making Things Talk) Mitch : End of sep (oct), shanghai maker fair, may clash with newyork maker fair Ladyada : Who is contacting?

Start a committee for ambassador: Sophia lead Start a committee for maker fair: Sophia + Minlin + David --> first meeting: 23th March, host meeting for barcamp

  • 11. Wednesday speaker

Exclusive Mind+ DF

Leo: MC David: Mail out the mailchimp

  • 12. For make+, artist are interested but hackers are not being reached, both local and international.

local: Introduction at xinchejian -> try out this friday event. For swiss sponsor, we want swiss worker.

  • 13. Arts electronica: Sophia

focus on community building Mika : video Lucio: pictures, lawyer build 3d printer, magzines. Mat: City project Afron challenge, x-bot: Lutz and Lio, 17years old teaching in tsinghua, Chinese tv Kids maker fair, check xinchejian website

  • 14. ICS want a 24min profile, with CCTV

Taiwan TV station coming too.