Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-12-11

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  • Location: xinchejian
  • Time: 7:45pm


  • Lucio's EPIC workshop, 48 hour adrenaline pumped 3d printer workshop

Wednesday speakers

  • none

Upcoming events

  • Spaghetti bridge workshop
    • For a private group of 15 kids with their parents, will be divided in 5 teams
    • Leading by Sunny Sun Sr.
    • Need help to check how many working glue guns at XCJ
    • Need to check if there's still some hooks left from last time
    • Min Lin will order spaghetti and hooks
  • RoboRacing - Winner Takes all! - 2012/12/16
    • NEED: Official time keeping Judge/show runner
    • up to 600 rmb so far in pledge to win


  • Lucios membership initiative
  • lockerboxes request from susan/kalvin
  • David - update on the NFP meeting last friday -- Paul follow up with david
  • urban farming area -- Paul
  • Workshops for W+K employees - Kevin to follow up
  • Dorkbot on January 19th or 20th
    • Japanese media artist Kanta Horio's exhibition in Shanghai same week [ http://www.shift.jp.org/en/archives/2011/07/kanta_horio.html ]
    • Kanta wants to work at XCJ during he's stay in Shanghai (Jan. 11th ~ 20th)
    • Touring Beijing Lu and second hand electronics market with Kanta
    • Still need to get feedback from the guy leading Dorkbot Shanghai
    • Someone to take lead on Dorkbot organization
  • Christmas party? Special workshop? - ricky to organize
  • minlin to organise the new members party for december
  • XinCheJian 2nd Birthday team - Lio, to contact partners
    • drink sponsor needed
    • food sponsor needed
  • Build a team to take up commercial projects?
  • Volunteers to take over Min Lin's tasks
    • Event organization and promotion
      • Coordination with event hosts
      • Setup event on website
      • Help ordering necessary materials
      • Promotions on Weibo (including answering questions/comments) at least once per day
      • Promotions of other online medias (mailinglist, G+, LinkedIn...)
      • Taking care of attendees registration on website (need manual update because event plugin sucks)
      • Sending email reminders to attendees (including answering questions/comments)
      • Find helpers to assist hosts (setting up workshop, onsite registration and payment, assistance during workshop, cleanup)
    • Keeping track of finance
    • Ordering components for the space
    • Promotions and online community on Weibo
    • Order drinks