Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-11-27

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  • Location: Online
  • Time: 7:45pm


  • Sunnys workshop

Quick Recap of last week

  • Sunnys workshop

Wednesday speakers

  • csk (unconfirmed)
  • kiddy magazine (confirmed)


Upcoming events


  • lockerboxes request from susan/kalvin
  • xinchejian fee 20rmb/hour/person
  • actionable
  • David - update on the NFP meeting last friday -- Paul follow up with david
  • urban farming area -- Paul
  • Hackathon coming up, there will be a report, Dec 8~9 or 14~15.
  • Chinese magazine Shanghai Times (申周刊) want to write about XCJ members projects
  • Chinese journalist visit tomorrow with photograph, want to interview a few members
  • Workshops for W+K employees
  • Dorkbot on January 19th or 20th
  • Christmas party? Special workshop?