Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-11-20

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  • Location: Online
  • Time: 7:45pm


  • Lucio for the cleanup: machine room, work area

Quick Recap of last week

  • cancelled workshop [vvvv]

Wednesday speakers

  • Alex - space gambit - (might not be able to make it)
  • Kelvin from Shanghai Ureal - 3d printing house
  • sunny sun sr [ cancelled ]

Upcoming events


  • actionable
    • partkeepr - all hands to input data - Spencer
    • cleanup - organize the soldering area
    • cleanup - organize table 3 (3 boxes of things to be sorted out, still keep one junk box but should organize it, several small one)
  • yangpu - computer for arcade - where is it? -- Valentin: Missing laptop and motor of make block set.
  • Make block: members free to use, return on the same day, otherwise send a email to mailing list.
  • David - update on the NFP meeting last friday -- Paul follow up with david
  • urban farming area -- Paul
  • shop - price remaining items for inhouse shop -- Parts keeper
  • EXPIRED Membership :
 -- Stakeholders : who to pay -- pay minlin. -- valentin ask minlin to bank account number or method to pay.
 -- staff, regular members and others -- Ask ricky to run the script? is the script on github? -- Edward follow up
  • access to the space update: (hot drama)
 -- Paul will inform the staff about project passport
 -- Light left on everyday
 -- Dodgy massage problem
 -- Stepping boundary: 3D printer cannot be near the window, flowing air is bad for the print. See if gandy's method works.
  • Hackathon coming up, there will be a report, Dec 8~9 or 14~15.
  • David 50 people coming in a charted bus this week media people -- Valenin send email to check calendar setup.
  • Kevin will write to calvin and susan to setup monthly meeting.