Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-09-25

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* Location       : XinCheJian
* Scheduled Time : 19:45
* Start time     : 20:00
* End time       : 21:00 (we hope)
* Staff Present  : Kevin, Mika, Valentin, Lio, Edward
* Others Present : Sherry, 

NOTE: Sloppy copy job from 18 Sep 2012.


  • What happened? (We skipped this part)
    • New Members Orientation: Friday Sept. 21st
    • SketchUp workshop - Sunday Sept. 23rd


    • TODO(all): Send group name suggestions to Kevin
    • TODO(Roger & David): Review and explain the joint proposal G2C (NOT DONE)
    • TODO(Kevin): will go to the meeting and hear what's going on
    • TODO(Lio): Next newsletter
    • TODO(?): Translation (?)
  • SPACE SCHEDULE - National Holiday!
    • Lio to be at the space every day. (He said it.)

Monthly planning

  • Arduino Workshop
    • No idea. Will any Chinese be in town?
  • 3D printer Workshop / Assembly / Printing
    • Set for after holiday.
    • For people already know how to use 3D design software, follow the workshop to design and print out an object with 3D printer
    • TODO(Valentin & Stephany): Usage rules and instructions, prices (tomorrow with the scale), reservation system
    • TODO(Valentin & Stephany): to draft out the prices for 3d printing workshop
    • TODO(Lio): suggestion to put a power lock on the 3d printer

  • Maker Carnival Shanghai - Min Lin
    • November 2nd to 4th (Friday - Sunday)
    • @Shanghai Youth Creative Week (Century Park, Pudong)
    • Activities: Exhibition, hackathon, workshops, guests from abroad
    • Latest update
      • Possibly very small because we have a lot less space than before
      • Mitch tweeting about this
    • TODO(Kevin): Cooperation: techyizu has maybe some budgets for the Maker Carnival... follow up with the team (Kevin: What's the request?)
    • Projects selection: need at least 40 projects in total
    • Workshops: at least 10 with material (to get sponsorship)
      • TODO(DFRobot): Soldering
      • TODO(Edward): ALF (show off useless machine)
      • TODO(Mika): LED heart (to be confirmed)
      • TODO(Paul): Joule thief
      • TODO(Lutz&Spencer): Swarm robots
      • TODO(SunnySr): squishy circuits
      • TODO(David): Ardublock
      • TODO(???) Sell DIY kits, t-shirts []
    • TODO(Mika, Yihan, Valentin, Angie, Freda): LOGO, sticker, t-shirt, posters, event flyer, logo pin, hackerspace passport, SH maker faire stamp, workshops stamps
      • DONE: Got logo from Beijing Maker Carnival, Wenwen from DFRobot will modify it for SH Maker Carnival

Long-term or ongoing follow up

  • XCJ Barcamp 2012 recap
    • TODO(Kevin): do post recap on blog - use Ricky's Google+ as a starting point, use Ihan pictures, videos. (Kevin: SORRY. Will still do.)
    • TODO(Rockets, James, Ihan): Upload videos (Rockets, James, Ihan)
  • Microsoft sponsorship
    • MSFT interested.
    • TODO(Kevin): To extrapolate some viewing / demographic stats for Lio
    • Proposed Price: 2718 RMB / month

  • The space is the project
    • WIP(Min Lin) : add parts prices
    • TODO(James): rails are in: buy material, install rails (reimbursed by XCJ)

  • WISS International school wanted workshop (Analog Line Follower)
    • DONE(MinLin): take the lead - contacted WISS waiting for reply
    • TODO(Min Lin): reply to WISS and fix the date
    • Hosting ALF and Swarmbot workshops (can also go to WISS to do it, if space is a problem)
    • 40 students of 15 years old (can be divided into sub groups)
    • 80 RMB per head per workshop (this is the price I told them) / 200 RMB Swarmbot
    • Weekday only (Friday is preferred)
    • From 9:30am to 2pm (preferred)
    • We need 3~4 people to handle this
    • Need volunteer to host the workshops
      • TODO(Paul,???): standby for doing this event during the weekdays...