Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-07-03

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  • Location: XinCheJian
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Start time: 8:22pm


Lio, Kevin, Paul, Valentin, Jackie, Clemence, Edward, Ricky, Sherry, Min Lin


  • Paul, Lio, Edward, Andi for roboracing
  • Lio for hosting farewell party
  • Edward for the LED lights


Roboracing recap

  • How many participants? Visitors?
    • 5 Chinese visitors, 1 fixed Wall-E, 4 played with DFR robot car, 2 German guys
  • Improvement needed?
    • 2 weeks before should organize workshop
  • Next race: August 26th?
    • Edward to run a line follower workshop on August 25th
    • New modified track (triangle)

Need to apply visitors system

  • Visitors need to wear a tag
  • Members photo board and a tag to wear when they're in the space

Wednesday topics

  • Paul does the promotion, again; Edward to translate
  • four talks, on the thread
  • 9 minutes each
  • Visitor from Australia: Carson Au
  • Tour for first time visitors

"10 Dollar Robot" Design Challenge

  • link: [1]
  • Submission Deadline: 15th September 2012
  • Swarm robot to participate?
  • Repost to XCJ mailing list

Contributing a piece to August 2012 issue of Talk Magazine

  • Deadline: July 8th
  • Kevin to follow up
  • Lio to write a post about door hack
  • More technical blogs

Makeblock donation

  • We've got 2 kits donated to XCJ, David to bring them
  • Make projects with them
  • Organize an workshop?


  • Form a Chinese staff team
    • Potential candidate: Jackie (lead), Mika, Sherry, Sunny, Freda, Qichen, Rockets, Berry? Robin? Drink? Infy?
    • Events targeted to Chinese audience.
    • Synthesizer workshop
      • July 14th 1pm to 4pm, only 10 kits, 150rmb, 80rmb goes to Menqi
      • Clemence to lead, need 2 helpers
    • Arduino workshop; overdue. In Chinese. Saturday 18th August, Edward to fix-up his last workshop.
    • Ricky and Paul to teach Arduino workshop in English, Kevin to help out
    • Teaching material (Ricky, Paul, Edward to work on it)
    • Insectbot workshop (some people were asking)
    • Min Lin to have ATTiny version working on early August, and host a workshop end of August


  • Reorganize
  • Front page should be aggregate of blog, wiki, weibo
  • High priority: Hosting
    • Lio can host it on his server
    • Paul responsible for the transfer

Space is the project

  • Webcams: unstable
    • Paul to setup the macbook g4 to take over from panda board and also have pandaboard as fall back incase mac is down for dns/dhcp, pandaboard is taxed right now at 80% cpu and crashes with video
  • Need to hack The Project Passport: Lio. Eventual completion. 1 week. (Submit a post to Hack a Day?)
    • Paul has the first attempt recorded
  • Need more threatening signs.
  • Bigger signs. Edward.

Membership Structure

  • Membership goals needs to be discussed (what types of members? many members?)
  • Membership management (fussy, simple, automated, etc.)
  • Cost structure
  • Kevin propose differentiate pricing system: Cheaper for people pay 3months or 1year up front
    • 200rmb a month, 300rmb for 2 months, ...
    • Members only events

Roster for opening/closing the space

  • Sign up or get signed up if you are on staff.
  • This week
    • Wednesday: Paul open
    • Thursday evening: Edward close
    • Friday evening: open/close Lio. (OPEN, send email to confirm)
    • Saturday: open/close Lio (OPEN at 10)
    • Sunday: Kevin open/close (OPEN at 10)
    • Monday: open/close (OPEN, send email to confirm)
    • Tuesday: 7h30pm staff meeting

Space Agreement

  • Google Doc (link) [2]
  • Putting together a list of requests / demands
  • Every staff to read the agreement and write comments


  • launch more workshops over the next few months, mornings are exceptionally empty on weekends


  • Consignment selling - mengqi Osc6
    • 150 for the kits; XCJ takes 70. Workshop? Clemence follows up, by 6th
  • Fa Ren change
    • Qichen
    • Valentin (student visa; by October)
    • Lio (not Chinese)

Paper bridge test run recap

  • [3]
  • Redo
  • Need rules. Internal competition. (Valentin gives rules to Edward to translate)
  • Decide next event date

Hack-a-day video

  • Recording date: July 14th or 15th
  • No time limit, can submit more than 1 video
  • Paul to direct, Lio helps out
  • Script
    • Standard version
      • Coming in from the corridor, show different projects on the shelves, show how to open machine room, show machine room, show junk box, show main area, people working on different projects will make quick 30 seconds elevator pitch, show resistors box, show soldering area, don't forget to show different camera signs ;-), show small meeting room, show hydroponics, show different kits and products that can be bought, talk about membership, staff members.
      • Pauls script [7]
    • Funny version
      • Make a musical version (like Bollywood musical) with people dressed up like scientist, artist, punk, business men, farmer, technician, student
  • Monthly New member welcome/integration day
    • Task / challenge to complete.
    • set the date: first X/Sunday of the month.
    • Plan (Edward)
  • Photo board to show who are members, who are staff
    • Where are the photos? What box? (Paul/Sherry)
  • Instructions on the wall.
    • Instr-what? Machine room instructions.
    • Valentin to break down the instructions.
  • Priorities:
    • improve the membership management system (renewer): script to send email=Lio, July 14th
    • improve the internal communication management system. DFeed! Lio.
    • Reaching out to chinese, workshops, presentations
    • Making new members more welcomed: introductory workshop.