Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-06-26

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  • Location: XinCheJian
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Start time:


Paul, Kevin, Andi, David, Freda, Clemence, QiChen, Edward, Valentin, Stephany, MinLin, Lio, Sherry.


  • Lio and Kevin for the IDEA BOX
  • Paul, Valentin for installing more webcams
  • Paul for webcam signs
  • Paul, Edward, Rockets, David for inviting guests for Wednesday talks
  • Kevin for putting the space agreement on Google Docs
  • Min Lin for sending membership renewal notification emails


Clemence is leaving... July 20th

  • Consignment selling - mengqi Osc6
    • 150 for the kits; XCJ takes 70. Workshop? Clemence follows up, by 6th
  • fa ren while I'm away; we still have the chop.
    • Qichen
    • Valentin (student visa; by October)
    • Lio (not Chinese)
    • Need to decide by next week

Next Saturday June 30th Roboracing

  • Paul to run
  • Race track on the rooftop? build/design new track for the autonomous/user controlled
    • MinLin to help Paul for the boards
  • Storable
  • Durable
  • Easily assembled
  • Start at 3pm
  • Need more promotion
    • Posters; last year's
    • Andi to make a design by tomorrow (27th) 5pm
    • Paul to print the big track

Rob van Kranenburg - Internet of SomeThings

  • Talk at Xindanwei this Saturday June 30th from 2pm to 4pm
  • Will come to visit XCJ after
    • Show door + Rabbit
    • Lio can bring camera to record
  • Paul to ask Infy to go to XinDanWei and to pitch XCJ to X.
  • David to check whether Round Table setup is fine with Rob.
  • Paul does the promotion

Wednesday topics

  • Paul does the promotion, again; Edward to translate
  • four talks, on the thread

Visit from Sino-Finnish design school of Tongji

  • July 10th, 2pm to 6pm, Tuesday
  • 25 students + teachers
  • David, Qichen and Rockets to do this workshop
  • Too loud for T&R? David to contact neighborx
  • August 10th: TongJi, QingHua, BeiDa, ~80 people, Friday

Space Agreement

  • Google Doc (link) [1]
  • Putting together a list of requests / demands
  • Skip this one for now

Membership Structure

  • Membership goals needs to be discussed (what types of members? many members?)
  • Membership management (fussy, simple, automated, etc.)
  • Cost structure
  • Kevin propose differentiate pricing system: Cheaper for people pay 3months or 1year up front.
  • Skip this one for now


  • Paul wants a minimum ratio of Mainland chinese of 50%+ to get more chinese people involved.
  • Need more locals on staff
  • Convince Sunny to do "adults" events.
  • Robin?
  • Need ideas by next week.
    • Event targeted to Chinese audience.
    • Synthesizer workshop for the Chinese guy groupies, in Chinese, by Chinese, for Chinese
    • Arduino workshop; overdue. In Chinese. Mid-August, Edward to fix-up his last workshop.

Paper bridge test run recap

  • [2]
  • Redo
  • Need rules. Internal competition.
  • Valentin gives rules to Edward by next week.

Hack-a-day video

  • Need one. Fast.
  • 3 to 5 minutes total?
  • Paul to direct, Lio helps out
  • MinLin to write the script.
  • Done within one week

Machine usage rules

  • Access control -- check out system (a list of authorized users, put it on wiki, a basic training before getting the access.)
  • Print out a instruction and guide line on the wall.
  • Communication between different user -- wiki as a solution, put up a big "DO NOT TOUCH" sign
  • Stephany send out a email to 3D team.
  • Valentin would hold a workshop for how to use 3d printer
  • Lesson learn from Cruicible
    • Check out system
    • Have to reserve (3d printer, mill ...)
    • Need to be certified for certain equipment (drill press, band saw)
  • Cost (Stephany would kick off a email for basic guild line for cost)
    • Material (Bring your own or buy from xcj)
    • Consumables (Drill bits)
    • Time slot (3d printer, CNC mill)
  • Machine room = another upgrade option? Certification = 500/yr.
    • Need waiver
    • Ayi in Machine Room? No.

Space is the project

  • Webcams, signs: Done.
  • Need to hack The Project Passport: Lio. Eventual completion. 1 week.
  • Need more threatening signs.
  • Bigger signs. Edward.

Roster for opening/closing the space

  • Sign up or get signed up if you are on staff.
  • This week
    • Wednesday: Valentin
    • Thursday evening: Paul -Open/Close
    • Friday evening: open/close Lio. (OPEN, send email to confirm)
    • Saturday: open/close Ricky/Lio (OPEN at 10)
    • Sunday: 9am Processing class, Raven to open, Kevin to close
    • Monday: open/close Edward (OPEN, send email to confirm)
    • Tuesday: 7h30pm staff meeting


  • Done.


  • Monthly New member welcome/integration day
    • Task / challenge to complete.
    • set the date: first X/Sunday of the month.
    • Edward to make a plan to present next week.
  • Photo board to show who are members, who are staff
    • Where are the photos? What box? Paul/Sherry will find it.
  • Instructions on the wall.
    • Instr-what? Machine room instructions.
    • Valentin to break down the instructions.
  • Priorities:
    • improve the membership management system (renewer): script to send email=Lio, July 14th
    • improve the internal communication management system. DFeed! Lio.
    • Reaching out to chinese, workshops, presentations
    • More PR. Steal X's mailing list: Done.
    • Making new members more welcomed: introductory workshop.

Stake holders: second installment. David will follow up.

Next-next Wednesday: Mine Craft talk. To comment on agreement by next week. Kevin to represent XCJ. Next meeting mid-August.