Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-06-12

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  • Location: XinCheJian
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Start time:


Michael, Edward, Sherry, MinLin, Jochen, Stephany, Valentin, Sunny, Lio


  • Stephany for light covers with help from mica and especially Lio
  • Lutz, Andi, Lio, Edward and Min Lin for the Italian team building workshop -- robot reset problem...
    • Special thanks to Habib for the initiative work (contacting the intalin workshop)
  • Lio, Edward, Paul for the door lock
  • Roger and David for kicking off the hydroponics group
  • Michael for the new small drill


Lessons learned from Italian team building workshop

  • Good experience, well paid, should repeat -- Once per month would the rent
  • Lots of preparations, finishing up, communications needed, very time consuming, should be taken in account in the price estimate
  • Improve the building process -- better workshop material, and schedule, pretty messy for the 2nd group, we need better planning, clearer instructions to follow step by step.
  • Improve the robot design by using ATTiny instead
  • The major contributor for the workshop should receive some commercial payback (andi, lutz, minlin in this case) to be determined, minlin please send a email of detailed break down of the cost.

Visit from Sino-Finnish design school of Tongji

  • July 10th, 2pm to 6pm, Tuesday
  • 25 students + teachers
  • David and Qichen to do this workshop -- Ardublock?! Edward send email to confirm, ask if any more help is needed, In xinchejian.

Robotics workshop at International school in Minhang

  • Too late for this semester, postponed -- cancelled.

Chinese magazine (for women) interview on Saturday June 16th at 2pm

  • Stephany (confirmed with 3d printer), Lio(TOBE confirmed) and Min Lin(confirmed) (Pin wei za zhi).

Processing class starting on sunday

  • 13 people
  • 1 July 4pm have final pitch for Lean startup machine at transist/centre area. There shouldn't be at clash.

Wednesday topics

  • Paul away from June 9th - 20th, Ricky away from June 11th to 16th
  • Someone to cover the wednesdays email _and_ hosting the event.
    • Lio will do the hosting (Confirm) , Edward(confirm with david) will do the emails

Machine usage rules

  • Access control -- check out system (a list of authorized users, put it on wiki, a basic training before getting the access.)
  • Print out a instruction and guide line on the wall.
  • Communication between different user -- wiki as a solution, put up a big "DO NOT TOUCH" sign
  • Stephany send out a email to 3D team.
  • Valentin would hold a workshop for how to use 3d printer
  • Lesson learn from Cruicible
    • Check out system
    • Have to reserve (3d printer, mill ...)
    • Need to be certified for certain equipment (drill press, band saw)
  • Cost (Stephany would kick off a email for basic guild line for cost)
    • Material (Bring your own or buy from xcj)
    • Consumables (Drill bits)
    • Time slot (3d printer, CNC mill)

Small components

  • 10 resistors for 1rmb, Not necessarily all the same value, keep until we have a problem.
  • 10 capacitors for 1 rmb different values OK
  • Electrolytic capacitors 1rmb per piece
  • Other small components to stock? LED, switch proto boards (minlin order). 3rd party vendor
  • Polymorph resell price (min lin decide on the price 30% on top of the cost?)
    • The cost is 170rmb per kilo, plus 22rmb for the shipping, total cost for 2 kilos is 362rmb
    • Make bags of 50 grammes each for 20rmb.

Welcome our new staff member

  • Valentin and Kevin
  • For removal of the staff member, we should inform them first?

More keys cut?

  • MinLin would cut 5 sets for the main entrance
  • Valentin, stephany, kevin get key access

Sunny share survey result on the kids day event

  • No girls are interested in robots, too difficult for kids is the general feeling
  • There are a lot of electronics in kids life, they don't feel the magic anymore.
  • some more points (copy over later)

Space is the project

  • LED stripes for extra lighting near the soldering stations (windows side), the one we brought is not as bright.
  • Webcam -- Paul and valentin
  • No more use of the conference room (they want to charge 100rmb per hour) andi: for big event we should negotiate a per event fee.
  • We should charge them for putting up the light over 500rmb per our for stephany's work on light cover 3x for weekend, lio provide his quotation.
  • Rooftop, parking lot as a alternative option. (Discuss with W+K, anyone?)
  • How to make our are suitable for Wednesday night
    • Move the shelves
    • put get a better screen hang at the hydroponics side or the shelf side.
    • Remove the big tables.
  • Beijing Dong Lu incubator center (David Follow up)

More upcoming events

  • Survey result of kids carnival
  • Kids workshops (Sunny Sun)
  • Hydroponics workshops (sell kits)
  • Halloween Haunted House Challenge?
  • Arduino workshops?

Roster for opening/closing the space

  • Sign up or get signed up if you are on staff.
  • This week
    • Wednesday: Lio
    • Thursday evening: Edward (7:30)open and close
    • Friday evening: open/close (OPEN, send email to confirm)
    • Saturday: open/close (OPEN at 10)
    • Sunday: 9am Processing class, open at 8:45am, give raven a key (who), valentin close
    • Monday: Stepheny OPEN/Valentin CLOSE
    • Tuesday: 7h30pm staff meeting

Sherry proposed paper bridge competition instead of spaghetti bridge. [1]

  • do a internal test run this week (Sat or sun)
  • sherry would like to ask people to pay.
  • try paper tower, paper chair
  • let's get some news paper, and CA glue.

Ricky's sponsorship

  • Lio, ricky is special case, let's just do it, but the contract is no value as a template for future.
  • Edward, sponsorship should not ask for monetary return, this would differentiate us from incubators.
  • This is a case by case.
  • Sponsorship implies xinchejian's logo would be on lophilo.
  • lophilo's logo on xinchejian page is a different issue, can be on "projects we support section".


MIT Hackathon in November

  • XCJ + ?Techyizu? + Ideo
  • Microsoft (ok, Lio) to work with Hackathon?
  • what's the theme? proposed by MIT, hardware for sure
  • Lio wants to participate to the software hackathon organized Techyizu
  • Edward is planning that one (need help for that one)


  • Kevin propose differentiate pricing system: Cheaper for people pay 3months or 1year up front.
  • Monthly New member welcome event...
    • Task / challenge to complete.
  • Photo board to show who are members, who are staff
  • Instructions on the wall.
  • Priorities:
    • improve the membership management system (renewer).
    • improve the internal communication management system
    • Reaching out to chinese, workshops, presentations
    • More PR
    • Making new members more welcomed

  • IDEA BOX idea... for people full of ideas, you can write them down and put them in the idea box!!!