Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-06-05

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  • Location: XinCheJian
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Start time: 7:37pm to 9h07pm


  • Stephany, Edward, Min Lin, Lio, Ricky, David, Lutz and Infy, Kevin
  • Stephany left early


  • Stephany gets props for paper cover for naked light (22 to do this week!)
    • Stephany and Kevin becoming staff members
  • Props on Min Lin getting the 3d printer
    • Sunny postponed to when he's coming...
  • Sunny Sun, Freda and Min Lin for the kids maker carnival organization
    • Edward, Sherry, Paul, Lio, Ricky, Kevin,
    • Clemence, Stephany, Rockets, Qichen, Lutz
    • ...for helping out, it was lots of fun ;-)
  • Nelson for help designing the LED pin
  • Paul for organizing the components
  • Paul and Lio for repairing the CNC


Lessons learned from Young Makers carnival

  • very good event, kids entertaining
  • cleanup is very messy but with kids helping
  • kids burned themselves with the hot glue
  • learning effect
  • newspaper on the paper
  • eggdrop: to be tested
  • paper structure: trash paper, build a structure (chair)
  • spaghetti bridges: more for parents than kids
  • children compete with the parents
  • less material, less messy and less involved
  • coke cans for weight
  • price?
    • cleaning fee
    • 150RMB for the whole event (maybe >200RMB glue)
    • Grand prize (may get too competitive?); photo for spaghetti bridge winner
    • increase the price
    • increase price for soldering, playdoh...
  • feedback overall has been good
  • more events this summer, to be organized by Sunny

Update to staff:

  • Rockets and Michael Liao removed from staff for now (still stakeholders)
  • also removed He Qi Chen

Vote: retirement of the following members from staff as these members have become busy/pursing new directions:

How to honor their support

  • Pin
  • every staff member after n staff meetings (stamp)
  • Yi Zhang, Rockets, He QiChen, Michael Liao, Angie

Upcoming Sunday morning: Italian team building workshop

  • Lutz, Min Lin, Lio and Andi (Edward may join)
  • Details here: [1]
  • Finishing test chopstick junior
  • Setting up on Saturday night, Event Sunday morning at 9
  • Total participants: 47 people
  • Give XCJ patch as souvenir (470rmb @ 10rmb each) -> Min Lin check that we have enough
  • Fapiao and payment issue (Min Lin will take care of it)
  • presentation at the gala dinner, but they don't want to pay for dinner (so we shouldn't go)

Lophilo sponsorship

  • Lio and Edward don't care
  • Use in project for free or discount on request
  • Links and logos

Visit from Sino-Finnish design school of Tongji

  • July 10th, 2pm to 6pm, Tuesday
  • 25 students + teachers
  • Workshop? Min Lin to get the price, David to do this workshop
    • farming workshop?

Robotics workshop at International school in Minhang

  • Wednesday afternoon
  • 30 kids, aged 8~11
  • David and Qichen proposed to teach Ardublock
  • 1 hour workshop for each group
  • Computer lab?
  • referral fee for XCJ

New free 3D printer coming soon

  • Gift from WeisTek [2]
  • Props to Min Lin for following up
  • 9000RMB sale value, no assembly required, plug and play
  • Receipt from XCJ
  • Gift contract: link? sales? referrals?

Chinese TV Show

  • Postponed to July
  • Asking for laowai to participate: Lio to check out the show
  • Weekday? not possible... to Hunan, all expenses paid

Wednesday topics

  • only one topic on fab houses, email went to translation already.
  • Lio: to do a presentation on the machine room lock
  • hackaday video

Paul away from June 9th - 20th

  • someone to cover the wednesdays email _and_ hosting the event.
  • Lio will do the hosting, Edward will do the emails

Show Staff boxes for reference

  • Get out boxes of capacitors from shelf - 10 for 1 rmb pricing on them
  • get out microcontrollers from cupboard - pricing on them
  • price is for same value: should we change it? next meeting.

Soldering cupboard

  • show staff soldering cupboard, all unused soldering stations should be put away here

More keys cut

  • Someone to get them cut for new staff members
  • Some of the keys (flat) are more expensive
  • Key situation changing - FOLLOW UP NEXT WEEK

Roster for opening/closing the space

  • Sign up or get signed up if you are on staff.
  • This week
    • Thursday evening: Lutz open/close
    • Friday evening: Edward open/close
    • Saturday: Lio to open, Lutz to close
    • Sunday: Italian workshop opens, Ricky close
    • Monday: Edward (guarantee 8pm)
    • Tuesday: 7h30pm staff meeting

Others using XinCheJian space to store and work, non xinchejianers.

  • empty boxes
  • painting/used paint sticks just being shoved in our cardboard boxes
  • our storage boxes are being consumed by G2C..
  • Table for our computers with power
  • Whatever is in our boxes is ours
  • there's rubbish everyday being dumped in the middle of our area
  • take pictures



  • The space is the project
  • Light covers
  • Events they happen and successful, memorable

Shanghai Maker Carnival in September 2012 (pushed by Yangpu)

  • Budgeting in June

MIT Hackathon in November

  • XCJ + ?Techyizu? + Ideo
  • Microsoft (ok, Lio) to work with Hackathon?
  • what's the theme? proposed by MIT, hardware for sure
  • Lio wants to participate to the software hackathon organized Techyizu
  • Edward is planning that one (need help for that one)


  • Light shades! (Stephany and Kevin + Susan G2C)
  • Welcoming and integrating new members
    • Bilingual flyer for new members
    • Gatherings for interacting between new members
  • Target for membership, membership bidding/replacement
  • Handprints in paint
  • Plaque
  • Posters for space (Andi?)
  • Pricing model for 3d printing/milling
    • 1RMB/gram + 1RMB/minute of printing (estimated in software)
    • 20 grams + 3 hours printing = 200RMB
    • CNC: must evaluate based on material (uses the drill differently)
    • Plus basic rate