Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-05-29

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  • location: XinCheJian
  • Time: 7:30pm to 8:45pm


  • Lio
  • Kevin
  • Paul
  • Stephany
  • Valentin
  • Ricky
  • Sunny
  • Freda

Late: Andi, Infy

also in the space: Abe


  • Min Lin and Andi with Lutz for doing a test run on the chopsticks workshop
  • Sunny Sun, Freda and Min Lin for the kids maker carnival organization
  • Ricky and David for taking the space meeting and pushing for a later time
  • David, Lutz, Kirk and the other German guy for last Thurday meet your maker shoot
  • Freda for the flash introduction video

Challenge from the last weeks

RepRap not working (Valentin)

The fun chemicals

Be more inclusive of the Chinese members

  • Find how to do this
  • Type of activities
  • Onboarding and welcome to XCJ
  • Speak CHINESE!
  • Bilingual Slides

Welcoming and integrating new members

  • Bilingual flyer for new members
  • Gatherings for interacting between new members
  • target for membership, membership bidding/replacement

More members!

  • handprints in paint
  • plaque


  • Mondays space meeting topics
    • Showed the email

Young Makers carnival/helpers

  • Friday June 1st, space cleanup EVERYONE
  • Event opens at 13h00 on Saturday
  • Please fill out: [1]
  • space
    • common area (lobby and meeting)
    • outside parking
    • roof
  • expecting more than a hundred persons
  • introductions: Ricky & Clemence
  • layout, plan, schedule needed (Paul and Sunny)
  • spaghetti bridge at 3pm (Kevin)
    • ...maybe outside...
  • Popcorn machine
  • Rooftop and ground floor for kiddy maker carnival
    • Will probably rain on Saturday

Italian team building workshop

  • Italian company coming to Shanghai team building exercize and build a robot
  • The PR agency is asking for a fapiao (no one that is taking care of it is here)
    • add 10% on top for a generic FAPIAO (tax bureau)
  • Lio will take care of it! YEAHHH! Need a contract

Corporate rates

  • "if Microsoft want to send all their employees... half a million RMB"
  • ...corporate rates for the workshop...
  • evaluate the Italian team building workshop

Startup membership

  • no dedicated work area, 9am to 6pm (daytime), communal property
  • we've already had hardware startups (Rudy Electric Bike, Sous-vide Cooker, Lophilo)
  • 1200 RMB/month is too low, just a desk is 2000 RMB/month... 1200 RMB/month at Peopl squared
  • being selective, projects must be suited
  • 200 RMB still apply for storage
  • Regular members only supposed to come when keyholders are here
  • End of studies projects?
  • Sponsoring Lophilo...

Storage rates

  • price is suitable to get more funds for people who can afford it
  • need enforcement - inventory of who's using what (shelf space included)
  • project box
  • people don't know about it, need advertising
  • expiration of storage
  • concerns about safety? should be locked!

NEXT WEEK: budgeting and finances (revenues and spending), what are the goals

  • prepare financial reports
  • Kevin to lead it - collect the information, look at the history
  • Kevin to follow up with Min Lin

??? wifi network

  • it's working, done
  • secret handshake to get it
  • don't publically announce

Wednesday topics

Official opening times and staff members responsible

  • need to develop some regular schedule for our prsence
  • fix the wifi presence counting
  • Monday 7-9pm: ???
  • Tuesdays 7-9pm: Stephany
  • Wednesday 7-9pm: Paul (apart from 2 weeks time)
  • Thursday 7-9pm: ???
  • Friday 7-9pm: ???
  • Saturday 9-9pm
    • Open: Paul
    • Close: Ricky
  • Sunday 9-9pm
    • Open: Lio
    • Close: Valentin
  • During the day if Ricky or Valentin can commit to days/other people


  • Posters for space (Andi)
  • Pricing model for 3d printing/milling
    • 1RMB/gram + 1RMB/minute of printing (estimated in software)
    • 20 grams + 3 hours printing = 200RMB
    • CNC: must evaluate based on material (uses the drill differently)
    • plus basic rate



  • the space is the project
  • events they happen and successful, memorable

Shanghai Maker Carnival in September 2012 (pushed by Yangpu)

  • budgeting in June

MIT Hackathon in November

  • XCJ + ?Techyizu? + Ideo
  • Microsoft (ok, Lio) to work with Hackathon?
  • what's the theme? proposed by MIT, hardware for sure
  • Lio wants to participate to the software hackathon organized Techyizu
  • Edward is planning that one (need help for that one)

Event with TheSpace


  • Freda asking for feedback