Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-05-08

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  • XinCheJian
  • Time: 7:30pm



  • Edward, Paul, Lio, Mika, Ricky, Hector, Spencer and others for moving to the new space
  • Clemence, Paul, Edward, Qichen, Lio, Mika, Sunny, Angie, Andrea, Little Edward, Russel, Ricky, Min Lin for Maker Carnival
  • Edward, Paul, Lio, Mika, Spencer, Ricky for unpacking and setting up the new space
  • David for taking care of new space negotiations and company setup
  • Infy for taking care of the space during Maker Carnival
  • Lutz for Swarm Robots group initiative
  • Habib, Andi, Min Lin for Italian team building workshop negotiations
  • Min Lin for collect money for the chips


  • Opening party
  • Chinese TV show invitation (湖南卫视天天向上)
    • i dont know about this one, but most are just a piss take, meet the producer first, i've been on one previously, it was a piss take.. but i got to throw rotten tomatoes :D
  • Upcoming events/workshops
    • May 12th 9AM: 3D modeling workshop
    • May 20th 1PM: Little Edward's Arduino piano workshop
    • May 20th: Occupy TEDx Shanghai
    • June 2nd, 3rd: Children's day celebration
      • Spagetti bridge competition
      • Squishy circuits
      • Blinky light soldering
      • Little Edward's Arduino piano workshop
      • Building small robot
      • Line follower workshop
    • June 10th 9AM: Italian team building workshop
  • Members updates
    • New members
    • Startup/corporate membership
      • no dedicated space, consider increasing this, 9-5 only (paul, edward)
  • resources in the new space:
    • we have 3 water jugs but no working water machine (last one got thrown out as it was no usable), xinchejian should consider buying 3 a month for the community with the understanding we can drink from any water maachine :)
    • internet..
      • coming, telcom yet (david to follow up on)
      • network, coming, can do authentication just not accounting for now.. radius accounting is broken.
  • machine room:
    • cut the table and weld on a new cross bar and afix to the wall
  • computers
    • need to put them in place.. run another drop cable


  • internet and network lines
  • Company updates
    • insurance
    • Delegate agreement
  • Maker Carnival projects to ship back:
    • rat trap
    • hanging interactive worlds