Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-04-10

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  • Michael
  • David
  • Lio
  • Paul
  • Edward
  • Ricky


  • Min Lin burning herself out being executive assistant and going to Shenzhen
  • Paul for checking up on the space, pushing for the renovation and free bers
  • Michael for the dinner!!!
  • Lio debugging Mika's program
  • Little Edward and Gilbert for paying their memberships (some of the first)


  • moving postponed to this Sunday
    • ...nothing is ready, covered with David, everything will be in the machine room
    • contractors are signed up
    • Mitch Altman definitely in old space
    • people squared: 30 kuai/person/hour: 300 (max 500 kuai per group)
      • will announce
      • will need to swallow the cost
  • old junk to get rid of
    • two dead laptops (sell for a profit)
    • landlady will profit from anything left
    • David: aircon: can we use it in the new space? including putting the support up
    • We can recycle the part
    • bamboos: what's going to happen? good to china?
    • will use the blue racks? there's some shelves in the machine room, but it's not ours
    • proposing to cut up one of the big table tonight
    • cutting up one of the big table to install in the machine room
    • shopvac evacuation of air
    • fans: bring them, can do a LED project
  • landlady in the old space
    • David: wants the deposit of 1000RMB, haven't paid anything for March and April
    • nails next door
  • moving team
    • Packing 14th in evening and moving on 15th on the morning
    • Must announce this these dates
  • CSDN is still on for this Thursday
  • wednesday topics
    • Mitch Altman and his gang gives talks
    • 9 hackers with only 9 minutes each (need the heckler, self-intro)
  • opening party
    • Monday, April 23rd: Susan's party
  • workshops
    • Mika's heart April 21st
  • Calendar sucks ass: why not use the Google Calendar?
    • Edward to look into it
  • Beijing [XCJ at China Maker Carnival 2012]
  • EcoDesignFaire: Saturday April 14th
    • David is going, Paul is going, Sunny is going, Lio could go
    • Selling priceless merchandise
    • Lily's Beehouses
    • Will assemble one line follower kits: recycled bottle caps
    • Joule thief kits: recycle batteries
    • All organic squishy circuits
    • Make kits and sell them and make them in the new thief


  • Paul: Wifi network
    • new hard disk to stick with the Panda board (onsite); lots of data continuously
    • everyone separate login, signup to mailing list, collect data, see who's abusing the network
  • unlimited devices for members, single device for visitors
  • Follow up last week
    • wifi cuts off, Alipay redirect
    • physical key to access the space
  • ALL: Delegates agreement by Monday the April 16th