Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-04-02

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  • Lio's place
  • Time: ~6pm


  • Clemence
  • Andi
  • David
  • Min Lin
  • Edward
  • Ricky
  • Lio
  • Paul

Members present: Sherry, Infy, Mika, Jackie, Shyu


  • Lio for the BBQ!
  • Edward for ordering ATTiny
  • Clemence and Paul for Boarduino PCB
  • Clemence for getting more osc6 kits
  • Min Lin for selling Arduino stuff to visitor from Argentina (1600 RMB)
  • Ricky, Min Lin, Paul, Andrea for Prix Ars Electronica document
  • Paul for sending out "Moving notice" and taking care of Wednesday topics


  • Increase of rent to 7500? Anonymous Nay!
  • Moving update

TODO before move

  • Edward: sell air conditioning (3000RMB) and other junk


    • Saturday, April 7th, packing (processing)
    • Box and bubblewrap ordered
    • Come in the morning
    • Green Shanghai will come and pick up bamboos
    • Social packing


    • Social movement
    • Moving on Sunday Apr. 8th (need to move everything out by Apr. 9th)
    • 8:00am the five tons truck, 600RMB every ride
    • Take out the same day out of the truck

Good to China moving in by the end of the month. Big company that is moving Calvin is coming in whenever his desk is ready

EDWARD: will email everyone

    • Egg drop for closing Apr. 9th? YES. Monday evening. After we get the deposit back
    • David arrange final payment with landlady Apr. 9th?

Opening partyyyyy: Wednesday Apr. 11th (Mitch and crew will be here)

    • Cutting of the tape
    • Josh: band: Bass guitarist
    • ANDI found and to liaison with DJ Huge
      • OSC Kit discounted 80 RMB
    • Lio will bring the speakers
    • Opening ceremony
    • Ricky: Invite W+K, Susan, Calvin: unanimous party
    • Beers & snack
    • Cutting wire and PCBs, turns something else
    • Lio: Mao look-alike: communist garment (from the dance studio)
    • Lots of party coming
    • Infy: taking care of the food
  • health and safety: at the new space
    • at the machine room
    • we won't give everyone to this room
    • Edward: CCTV system to watch the system in case of something
    • Paul: doing the poster, vague and simple at first, permissions
  • wednesday updates
    • Rocket man: will be coming, Google Lunar project, in the old space
    • this Wednesday 14h30 to 21h00
    • Edward: will invite UFO watcher to give a talk


  • company updates
    • Delegate agreement: who's share goes to who
    • Edward, Rockie, Clemence
    • It's between you and your delegate
    • Money responsability for the end of the year
    • The same has been selected
  • Mitch's Arduino workshop
    • 14 signups with a 20 persons limit (up to 25)
    • Order 100 atmegas? Ordered 120. 100 kits, 20 for the other people (such as Lutz)
    • Paul will list them out from Taobao and Min Lin will order components
    • Clemence: boards are coming! 5-6 boards COMMUNIST RED!
    • Lio: broke and fixed a soldering station
  • Sunday, Apr. 15th - Visit Etonnet electronics manufacturing in Songjiang at 2pm [1]
    • Participants: Min Lin, Ricky, Paul, Edward...
    • Can get there by subway
  • Mika's new heart workshop Apr. 21st?
    • Edward will help with the debugging
    • Min Lin will publish content about the workshop and promote it
  • Roboracing Apr. 22nd
    • Paul: line followers, autonomous, RC'ed
    • Paul: Plan out that we are using both of the space, with the middle
    • Edward: human remote controlled
  • Beijing trip [2]
    • Need travel dates from all participants today; put it in the wiki
    • Min Lin will fix the travel for Edward, Lio, Andi
    • Please also indicate if you need help for arranging a place to stay!
    • Buy train/flight tickets
    • Please prepare required materials for workshops!
    • Good image (t-shirts?) sell the t-shirts
    • I HACKED ... your website

CSDN: biggest community of programmers, 7pm on this Thursday

  • coming to XinCheJian
  • Chinese meeting
  • Lio could go...
  • Looking for business opportunities in hardware
  • Exposure for us
  • The reach is huge, 3 guys coming have half a million over
  • Kinect, Gadgeteer, Microsoft engineering

TEDx Shanghai

  • Mid-may in TED: want to have David to talk
  • 2013 selection of events


New policy [3]

  • Two camps high or low: the conflict is fundamentally about the amount
  • Starving hackers and rich
  • Friends of people in the space
  • 600 RMB is double San Francisco
  • Only so many workshops that we can do
  • Machine room in the room, middle room, workshops
  • Paul: ours is the workshop area, only a couple desks; want to be able to solder
  • Members night: every night is members night, except Wednesday
  • 100 RMB: color-code badge, paid last month
  • One workshop does not bring out 600 RMB
  • System to enforce the policy, colored badges, one person responsible to collect membership
  • Anyone stakeholders and members the policy
  • Badges must be returned
  • Seasonal memberships
  • Stickers for the workshop or stamp
  • Are you on the board? Who are you? Did you pay his due?
  • Different prices?
  • Super-low, super-high policy: some poor, some rich members
  • 100 RMB, enter whenever in, 1000 RMB super-stakeholder?
  • Staff or recurring membership for the key
  • Membership card, badges: special sticker on a card
  • Low-tech solutions that work
  • Picture wall for the membership, sticker for the worksohp; maybe it's not even a problem for random working?
  • Enforce random hangouts: have them pay or leave
  • +1 policy? then this is two for one?
  • we don't want to people to use XinCheJian as a service
  • To use the space and use the space
  • Use the space freely, use the machine, use the components: much easier to ask people to pay for something concrete
  • Use a proxy for value, rent a box in another space
  • Cannot do a free membership
  • Picture are easy to make
  • Badge is a lot of overhead
  • Make a badge system
  • Accounting: 6% extra on the amount, tax are included in fapio (deduct tax first, 94%)
    • pay all the taxes we can do 7%
    • get the machine to do the fapiao (3000/RMB)
    • mandatory to get fapiao machine?
    • handwritten? not after June this year
    • offload to other companies
  • not able to enforce this policy
  • Problems
    • Lots of people, few members
    • No members: camera, wifi, live, could record, VPS, bandwidth, disk space
    • visitors
  • What about the bathroom? toilet paper? soap?
  • One designated membership system enforcer
  • 6000 RMB for a month for a full-time employee
  • Paul to look into wifi encryption
  • negociable xx% of workshops revenues goes to instructor