Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-03-27

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  • Agent squishy for DIY battery workshop
  • Raven and Min Lin for having ongoing Processing classes
  • Edward for analog line follower workshop
  • Ricky Ye for sponsoring the cake
  • Angie for sponsoring XCJ stamps
  • David, Lutz, Kirk for makers photoshoot
  • Freda for helping with Portraits of Makers translation
  • Everyone for 1 year participation and support!!


  • Faren - clemence sent in her documents to david this afternoon
  • Sponsors - bizspark from Microsoft 3years free stuff by Lio
  • Beijing [1]
    • when is the latest for confirmation
  • EDF - david, paul, agent squishy
  • Mitch Altman workshop components
    • Paul to send the eagle file to clemence asap
    • 100 atmegas? who pays?
  • Digikey order
    • Order and get it delivered to Mitch before Apr. 2nd
  • Wednesday - makerbot in acrylic, using 3d tools (free) - kind of a workshop but not.
  • New policy [2]
  • private Saturday evenings for members only.
    • m-f evenings except wednesdays members only
    • sessions: 9-12 morning 2-5 afternoon 6-late evenings


  • company update
    • 信彻坚
  • location update
    • egg drop for closing
    • opening partyyyyy!
  • moving update
    • minlin when are we closing and moving? inform edward
    • month by month, day by day
  • Mitch's Arduino workshop
    • Order PCB boards
    • Order components
  • Beijing trip
    • Need travel dates from all participants by March 29th
  • Prix Ars Electronica
    • Complete and sign entry form, until Friday, 30th of March - Volunteer?
    • andi - thanks for all the fish