Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-03-13

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  • Clemence for the last weekend: Dorkbot, self-made synthesizer
    • Great attendance! Great promotion! Great coverage!
    • Thanks to Meng Qi
    • Sending a new kits
  • Paul/Infy/Edward/Mika for setting up the space and tidying up
  • Andi for photography - pictures are important for archives
  • Min Lin for events promotion and Beijing Maker Carnival coordination
  • David for dealing with the new space stuff


  • Wednesday topics
    • Joshua: Garage Band
    • Reporting from Beijing electronics
    • MIT technology review
    • Chris: beer making technology?
  • This weekend
    • 2 workshops on Saturday
      • Augmented Reality garnishes: 13h to 16:30
      • Milkymist hands-on: 17 to 19h (need 2 LCD screen, 3 VGA cables)
  • XCJ one year anniversary party
    • Monday 03/26 so we should have a party 24th
    • Drinks and cake
    • XCJ logo cake
    • Super-slideshow: fileserver, Flickr, USB powered hub
  • Business setup
    • David will send an email
    • Will get process going...
  • New space agreement (issues) - see email
  • Moving
    • Find measurements for the staircases and doors
    • Identify all the equipment
    • Get cardboard boxes
    • Get everything into boxes
      • ask past members to get their stuff into the boxes
    • Move the boxes to future machine room April 1st
    • Take down the blue racks
      • Put them in storage
    • Move the tables
  • Where's the stuff?
    • 1xArduino Uno, 2xDuemilanove identified as XCJ (sticker on XCJ)

Follow up

  • Moving:
    • Quote from legit moving company (96811.com real da zhong ban chang) : 3Ton van with 4 guys moves for us, RMB800 per trip. We need to put our stuff in boxes first.
    • Quote from smaller company: 400~500 depending on size of the van 4ton or 5ton, and if lift is available. Boxes cost 12/15, 15rmb box is 60x60x45cm