Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-02-28

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  • David for Occupy barcamp weibo push
  • Andrea for helping to clean up
  • Sunny for the squishy circuit workshop
  • Edward, minlin, andrea, paul, michael, infy, rockets for helping on sunday for the robo race
  • David for sitting in a smoke filled room for 4 hours and loosing 2 years off his life.


  • wednesday topics
  • New space announcements
  • Barcamp
  • Moving crew status
  • Get joshua on a schedule and commitment
  • saturday/sunday open house and workshops
  • Faren candidates: clemence & rockets
  • XCJ 2.0 march 1st


-David, any topics for wednesday night? -announcements of moving postponed to when we have the contract -BARCAMP: Crew: edward from 8+ andrea from 10 paul: 10 workshops:

-moving: mike voluteer the vehicle, -week of the 25th march we should be close for moving -we need people to pack their own stuff before 25th , so we start to move our own -edward try to find a moving company -boxes? find them announce people to bring boxes when we announce moving. -edward will mail for manpower voluteers

-ricky: get in touch with joshua!

-saturday opening: who is not going to barcamp? -sunday open house: mini workshops edward line follower, 5 people around 150y pails arduino introduction. 300y for arduino, 60y for the workshop