Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-02-07

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  • Yi
  • Min Lin
  • Lio
  • Ricky


  • Lio for scouts wooden cars workshop and donations
  • Yi for organizing filmmaking workshop, Ricky for helping setting up, Min Lin for promoting the event
  • David for taking care of company creation, bank account and new space
  • Ricky for following up on intern
  • Min Lin for organizing/promoting Processing class, vvvv workshop, LED heart workshop and Squishy circuits workshop
  • Min Lin and Ricky for involving Shen Jie to help out for touring electronics market and find components needed for Op-Amp workshop
  • Clemence for following up on Jue festival/Dorkbot
  • Ricky for showing Sean the best places of Shanghai
  • Shyu for helping to get Op-Amps and spending a day with Sean shopping!
  • Min Lin for growing online community on Weibo (over 3000 followers in 10 months)


Filmmaking workshop feedback

  • YI: Need to ask for feedback by email
  • Looking for more advanced workshop
  • Final judgment is missing, weren't finish by the EOD
  • YI: Collect's Jerome and send by email (added value)
  • Enforce timeframe for the different operations
  • Groups making tv shows and movies
  • YI: Follow up Stefanie's workshop on Paint Without Brush
  • YI: Blog post about the workshop

Op-Amp workshop feedback

  • Just enough students (five), barely cover material cost
  • Advanced electronics amateur
  • Focus on the end result
  • MIN LIN: Shenjie wants to organize an another workshop on OpAmps (March)

Talks last Wednesday

  • More guidance to presenters up-front and hard time
  • Should be seen as a training for the presenter itself
  • LIO: Workshop on how to make good presentations (toastmasters)

February planning

Open/close volunteers


  • distribute the responsibility of opening the space during our regular schedule
  • will be added to the calendar with reminder.


  • Open early (30mn)
  • Clean the space, put away the tools
  • Close the space
  • If cannot make it, take the responsibility of finding someone do to it (exchange)

Time slots:

  • Wednesday, Feb 8: Yi, 18h30 (welcome Jerome)
  • Saturday, Feb 11: Ricky, 8:30am (Give Raven a key)
  • Sunday, Feb 12: Lio, 9:30am
  • Wednesday, Feb 15: Ricky (meeting with someone before...)
  • Saturday, Feb 18: Raven
  • Sunday, Feb 19: ???
  • Wednesday, Feb 22: ???
  • Saturday, Feb 25: ???
  • Sunday, Feb 26: PAUL & DAVID
  • Wednesday, Feb 29: ???

Solution: increase key holders... Infy, Angie.. Zano come to mind, Mika

  • COMMENT: That's not a complete solution - we still need to schedule people to be sure

Upcoming events

  • Already advertised on weibo, douban and xindanwei's website
  • Need to promote on expats websites, universities forums...
  • RAVEN: Processing课程
    • Feb 11th
    • Raven should get honorary membership for life or something in return for keep doing it (paul)
    • [1]
  • EDWARD: LED Heart
    • Feb 11th
    • [2]
    • Need to get components needed
  • PATRICK: vvvv introduction workshop
  • PATRICK: vvvv advanced workshop
  • SUNNY: Squishy circuits workshop
    • Need to find a rice cooker
    • Feb 26th, 9am
    • DAVID: Need one extra volunteer to help with the kids
    • [5]
  • PAUL: 机器车竞赛 - Roboracing Competition
    • Feb 26th
    • [6]
    • update rules?
    • roboracing workshop on 18th at 5PM??
    • changed April roboracing to Apr. 15th (Mitch Altman and his group will be in Shanghai)
    • students from Ningbo wants to join April's comptition
  • DAVID: Occupy Barcamp
    • March 3rd
  • ZIYUN: Dorkbot/JUE Festival
    • March 10th - Dorkbot
        • Confirmed Presenters: Raven, Yi, Patrick
        • Potential Presenters: Meng Qi ( Musician and Electronic Instrument DIYer), Olivepixel (video artist)
    • March 11th - Workshop#1
        • Make Your Own Sound Synthesizer - Meng Qi
    • March 17th - Workshop#2
        • Milkymist One - Yi Zhang
    • March 18th - Workshop#3 (Uncomfirmed)
        • AR Hacking - Ben Fern
  • Wednesday topics
    • Jerome coming to review the videos


  • Udacity classes: Programming a robotic car and building a search engine
  • Stanford Machine Learning and other classes


  • MICHAEL: More Bridge building competition?
  • RICKY: March 2nd, Deadline for submission of Prix Ars Electronica 2012 - Digital Communities