Weekly Staff Meetings/2012-01-10

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This is an Online meeting/discussion


  • Lutz and Min Lin for Insectbot workshop, Edward for helping out soldering connectors, Min Lin for ordering all components needed
  • Edward for Arduino Chinese workshop
  • Edward for taking care of spaghetti bridge competition
  • Everyone that showed up for City Pictorial magazine photo shooting
  • Ricky for continue working on Starship project
  • Ricky for writing about Ningbo Toyhouse visit
  • Everyone that submitted XCJ 2.0 names
  • Paul for writing out the unspoken etiquette
  • Edward for taking care of Useless machine inquiry
  • Paul and Edward for 5* Rat Motel
  • Edward for getting ATTiny85
  • Yi for taking up Event Manager

TODO follow up

XinCheJian 2.0


Decide on the local Chinese delegates

  • Chinese company since WOFE takes months to create, less flexibility
  • Chinese passport holders XinCheJian members (transferrable)
    • Ziyun: study in the US?
    • Edward: 2 years time, move to another country
    • Qichen: need to ask...
    • Rocky or rockets?: need to ask...
    • Wife of David

Legal representative: Lio, Ricky

  • all signing powers
  • represent shareholders

TODO(Lio): check with MSHR for being a Fa Ren

Two more positions:

  • Treasurer: two full day classes on accounting 101
    • TODO(rngadam): ask James Coombs to see if he wants to be the treasurer for XCJ 2.0
  • Journalist/blogger

Fa Piao Machine? Either we have this, or pay the higher service tax rate


Initial investment

  • Investor capital investment sheet
  • Initial money by investors (first 3 months required by Monday Jan. 16th)
    • TODO(rngadam): Check back to see what people can afford as first 3 months (upfront) as investment, David can offer no interest loans
  • Kicking in 30K at the start
  • 120K registered first year (has to be greater 100K)
  • Initial investment from real shareholders
    • we put 3 months initially, must be filled within the first year

Brainstorm names

  • 15-20 names for the legal entity
    • Already discussed by email

Application process

Should have legal entity by mid-February.

  • Sign delegate application before the 9th (before the money!!)
  • Dedicated agreement on who owns the shares by proxy
  • Name verification 2-3 days
  • Signing contract in name of the new legal entity
  • Application for legal entity (2000RMB loaned by David)
    • 4 weeks to get chops and licenses

Event Manager

  • Yi how is it going?
  • what do you need help with?
  • are people responsive?

Events Recap

  • Insectbot workshop
    • Switch to use ATTiny85 instead of Arduino
    • Combine with Ardublock workshop
    • Promote for kids birthday parties
      • is this inline with our goals and vision or are we a daycare center. (paul)
  • Arduino Chinese Workshop
    • People are interested for advanced workshop

Coming up this week

  • Wednesday topics: Introduction to Milkymist, Launch of GitCafe, Android introduction workshop at 8pm.
    • Yi how long is your presentation for Milkymist?
    • GitCafe is flexible - Thomas from SHLUG and can be rescheduled but best to get in and help with hype
  • Saturday: Useless machine workshop? Only 1 registered so far...
  • Sunday: spaghetti bridge competition. Already 12 people signed up

Coming up next month

  • Feb. 4th Filmmaking class, French filmmaker (English)
  • Feb. 5th Op-Amps for Everybody! (with intro to SMT)
  • Feb. 11th (planned) Processing class
  • TODO(Yi): follow up and make sure to get all resources needed


  • Staff responsible for opening hours during Chinese New Year (Put your name next to the dates)
    • Wednesday Jan. 18th Paul
    • Saturday Jan. 21th (your name here)
    • Sunday Jan. 22th (your name here)
    • Wednesday Jan. 25th (your name here)
    • Saturday Jan. 28th (your name here)
    • Sunday Jan. 29th (your name here)
    • Away: Paul, Michael, Ricky, Min Lin
    • Update calendar with trips and also pick up free slots (Monday, Wednesday evenings and Saturday, Sunday afternoon) to open the space
  • Inventory count
    • Electronics, boards, computers, etc
  • TODO(Min Lin): Prepare some Arduino starter kits
  • TODO(Edward): write articles (or get someone to write it)
  • URGENT TODO(volunteer needed): test new batch of ultrasound sensors, need to be tested before Sunday Jan. 15th
    • Edward has already tested 50% without error.