Weekly Staff Meetings/2011-12-13

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Location: XinCheJian 7:30 p.m.


  • Props Lutz and Min Lin for insectbot
  • Props to all who are still doing the AI class!
  • Minlin for drinks
  • David for the paper robot

Events Recap

  • Last Wednesday talks
  • Last Thursday embedded engineers meetup (RT Threads talk)
  • Saturday FPGA talk (and PSB visit?)
  • Sunday Insectbot
  • Sunday Movie Filming

TODO follow up

  • Edward: Programming article
    • some rails to help get started
  • Edward: Tech Yizu/XCJ Building Bridge Challenge
  • Infy: Freescale Board XLSTAR Competition
  • Ricky: structure proposal
  • Ricky: hackers exchange program
  • Felix: Collect college student’s neglected electronics
  • Ricky: Juelab space

Coming up this week

  • MaxMSP class
  • Arduino workshops
  • "Cooking" a product
  • qt113, attiny85
  • wednesday topics

Coming up in the coming months

  • Tech Yizu/XCJ Building Bridge Challenge
  • FPGA classes
  • Stanford Machine Learning
  • JUE Music+ART festival
  • Milkymist "Becoming a DJ"
  • Freescale Board XLSTAR Competition
  • February Roboracing competition
    • dedicated subdomain for robo-racing racing.xinchejian.com?


  • one dedicated location to add events..
    • why didn't arduino make it to the XCJ event list
  • Move weekly email to mailchimp - is it worth it? 2000 emails a month free
    • can we import everyone
    • will it be worth while to go into a webzine format?
    • need those writers to make it happen
  • XinCheJian.com to have a facelift?


  • Cap sheet (Michael)