Weekly Staff Meetings/2011-11-01

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Location: Min & Ricky's / Time: 7 p.m


Ziyun for City Weekend interview on interactive plant project

Paul for leading the Roboracing

Ricky for working on Wifi data collection project using Pandaboard


Upcoming Events by Us

Processing Workshop (October 16 to November 20th), 3 more classes left, still need to collect RMB700 from 1 student.

  • Propose students to make an interactive project at the end?
  • Post-course evaluation
  • Edward wrote a demo; hardware-software interaction for graduation; Use his demo, explain, in Chinese, in turn for membership

Next Roboracing: Nov 27th 1pm

  • Need not be big. Proceed.

Wednesday meetup topics...

  • Oscilloscope + signal generator

November events

Anodization workshop

  • Michael, TBD

PCB burning workshop?

  • Edward, no chemicals

Arduino workshop?

  • Ricky+Paul, Sunday 10:00am, introductory, for non-programmers
  • Next week, Saturday 10:00am, for programmers

Quadcopter workshop? Make kits to sell?

  • TBD, Min Lin to ask the guy

Ardublock workshop?

  • David, not this weekend.

7400&FPGA logic workshop?

  • Kirk+Ricky

Hackerspace Element 14 challenge (12 week Duration)

  • No details. Ricky will follow up


  • Lio - Nov 13th, 10:00

Events we participate in

Nov. 3-4th: China mobile developers conference (http://cmdc.csdn.net/) in Beijing, David will be talking about open hardware...

  • Lio will drop in; check hackerspace, bring stickers

Nov. 12th: Creative Exhibition organized by Richard Hsu, we've got a free booth there to promote XCJ

  • Paul to show **a** plant

Shen Jie: Electronic engineer gatherings. Decide a week night.

  • Let me David handle it. Give him a key?

RT-Thread salon, date TBD.

  • David will handle it


New weekend member: David Ruan, ruby developer

  • paid.

We should receive soldering stations on Friday (GGHC prizes)

  • 170RMB duty

Lio to leave his Mindstorm kits at the space?

  • It's there. Gilbert can use it in the next workshop.

Tasks delegation: finance, purchasing, organization...

  • Paul to set up the automatic billing/mailing/reminders
  • Min Lin to make a list of sellers, items
  • Money received needs description, to match inventory

Min Lin away from Nov. 7th to 28th

  • Taiwan, ShenZhen, HongKong


Lio to setup Xinchejian Forum

  • Need to explain wiki first
  • Google-groups-for-domain? Moving DNS to xinchejian.com might unblock groups?

Ricky to follow up with Rain Huan on potential new space

  • Follow up!

Safety Waiver Form

  • Get warning sign?
  • Scary pictures

David: underage form

  • For the parents to sign "we're not a kindergarten"

November workshops: dates, who will take in charge

  • next meeting

Volunteers to take care of XCJ booth at Creative Exhibition on Nov. 12th

  • Paul, Edward, Lio

Volunteer to make the inventory

  • Drinks, boards, electronics, kits, servoes, sensors...