Weekly Staff Meetings/2011-10-25

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Location: Min & Ricky's / Time: 7 p.m


Paul and Ziyun for new version of interactive plant project

Lio for game console hacking

Michael for printing Arduino and Soldering comics / solar charger

Michael for all the amazing tools he's letting us use, all the parts he's been buying, all the time he's be putting in.

Michael for driving XinCheJian while R&ML were away

Severin for wiki

Lio for the dirtdog

Lio for the power meter

Felix for re-appearing

October Recap

Lio to setup Xinchejian Forum

Safety Waiver Form

Ricky to follow up with Rain Huan on potential new space

Gilbert: Mindstorm workshop (October 23)

XinCheJian in “Hack This”

AI class

XinCheJian in EMW book.


Upcoming Events by Us

Processing Workshop (October 16 to November 20th)

Oct. 27th 12pm: Interview for Urbanatomy

Oct. 29th 9am: Quadcopter workshop

Oct. 29th 10am: LED pumpkin workshop

Oct 29th 1pm: Roboracing

USA/Canada east coast hackerspaces tour debriefing - keep it short please

wednesday meetup topics..

November events

School Weekly Hacker space presentations?

Regular AI and ML study groups?

Hackerspace Element 14 challenge (12 week Duration)

Anodization workshop

PCB burning workshop?

Arduino workshop

Events we participate in

Shen Jie: Electronic engineer gatherings. Decide a Week Night

Jerome Whitington visit at Oct 28th


We should receive soldering stations soon (GGHC prizes)

Order more Arduino boards (Flamingo Arduino boards or DFRobot's DFDuino) - keep quantities low

Will receive a Pandaboard soon, need to find a project to use it and write up a few blogs

Buy Mindstorm kits?

Ricky: Recruit Mike Wong?

David: underage form