Weekly Staff Meetings/2011-09-20

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  • Location: Michael's apartment
  • Time: 7pm
  • Attendants: David, Lionello, Paul, Felix, Min Lin, Ricky and Michael


  • Paul for emergency response workshop
  • Ricky for Android workshop
  • David, He Qi-Chen, Ricky and Rocky for Shanghai Science Fair in Fuxing Park
  • Min Lin for arranging FPGA workshop and getting free FPGA board
  • David for foggy hydroponic veggies

Quick Recap of last week

  • Hacking Wednesday


  • Our Events
    • Wednesday meetup: Ricky & Min Lin Hackerspaces visits debriefing
    • Saturday 24th: Oil recycling workshop << all day, full in the morning
    • Sunday 25th morning: Ardublok workshop
    • Sunday 25th: Roboracing
  • Events we're participating in
    • Barcamp: September 24th
    • Ben Heck Challenge, need to submit a list of ideas << lio wants to do a bamboo gokart
  • Workshops
    • Android workshop is too complicated, should do more Arduino workshop (beginners and advanced)
    • Ardublock workhsop
    • Hydroponic workshop?
    • Processing classes
    • Lio's Introduction to electronics
  • Kits
    • 7400 series IC kits
    • Arduino Starter kits, include Nanode board instead of Arduino UNO?
  • October holiday
    • are we running any programs for then?
    • who will be around?
  • Projects
    • Xinchejian Forum, Lio?
    • Interactive door
    • Table making (Michael, Paul)
    • Interactive plant
    • Beconing cat
    • Solar charger
    • Lock picking research group
  • Hardware
    • Nanode board
    • Element14 is offering a Texas Instrument's MSP430 LAUNCHPAD for exchange of Chinese blogging, need to find Chinese guy to do it
    • FPGA - Can we build an arcade machine around the board? might need the wood lily has :)
  • Space
    • Paying rent for next 3 months??
    • Safety signs/locks
    • Safety waiver form
  • Closing
    • wednesday meetup topics
    • TODO items