Weekly Staff Meetings/2011-09-13

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  • Location: XinCheJian
  • Time: 7pm
  • Attendants: David, Lionello, Paul, Felix, Min Lin, Ricky and Michael


  • Paul and Lio for taking care of the space
  • Paul and Clemence making the interactive plant work!
  • David for SHARISM
  • Lio for repairing the fridge
  • Michael brought new toys to the space!

Quick Recap of last week

  • Interactive plant is on exhibition
  • Sold 2 Arduino starter kits online, got more buying requests
  • Quadcopter first flight tests


  • Our Events
    • Wednesday meetup: Ricky & Min Lin Hackerspaces visits debriefing
    • Saturday 17th morning: Emergency First Response
    • Saturday 17th 2pm: Android & Robots workshops for beginners
    • Sunday 18th 2pm: FPGA workshop
    • Oil recycling workshop
    • Roboracing
    • Follow-up on InsectBot workshop requests
  • Events we're participating in
    • Rare Earth at Bridge 8: interactive plant in exhibition until September 14th
    • Toy Hacking contest: deadline is this September 15th
    • China Maker Faire call for projects submission ends September 15th
    • Barcamp: September 24th
  • Space
    • Paying rent for next 3 months
    • Space sharing with GoodToChina and moving to LightArtStudio's space
    • Safety signs
    • Safety waiver form
  • Promotion
    • Magazine interview follow-up
    • Hackerspaces Passports & Stamps
    • Smaller size stickers
    • Element14's Ben Heck Callenge
    • "Introduction to Arduino" comics Chinese translation
  • Hardware
    • Nanode board
    • Custom Arduino board design (RMB1000 bonus)
    • Open 7400 Logic Competition, submission ends October 21st, [1]
    • XL STAR blog needs Chinese translation
    • Element14 is offering a Texas Instrument's MSP430 LAUNCHPAD for exchange of Chinese blogging
  • Stanford AI Class:
    • Weekly study group at the space
  • Closing
    • TODO items