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Using the latest version of VVVV (vvvv_45beta27.2 @ 13/07/2012), and the following tutorial, the tutorial aims to use your own 3D Model, import it in VVVV, and make a 3D projection of this model on a real structure.

3D Model

Using Autodesk 3DS Max 2012 / 32Bits (up-to-date), I create a simple 3D model that I will be able to reproduce in real life, with cardboard and paper.


I use the Panda DirectX Exporter from Andy Tather to create a XFile from my 3DS model

Video projector setting

One important thing with video mapping is the projector, and to achieve a nice mapping you need to know the Technical sheet of your projector by heart ;)

The one available at XCJ have the following specificity:

* BenQ MS612ST
** Projection System 	DLP® technology by Texas Instruments
** Native Resolution 	SVGA (800 x 600)
** Brightness* 	2500 ANSI lumens
** Contrast Ratio 	5000:1 (Full on/Full off)
** Lens 	F=2.6- 2.78, f=10.2 - 12.24 mm
** Aspect Ratio 	4:3 Native, 16:9 Selectable
** Throw Ratio 	0.9 - 1.08 (55"@ 3.2 Feet)
** Image Size (Diagonal) 	27” to 300”
** Zoom Ratio 	Manual Zoom, 1.20:1
** Computer Compatibility 	VGA(640 x 480) to UXGA(1600 x 1200)

Keep those datas in mind, we will need them for later

Intro VVVV

As a total beginner, I'm learning VVVV in the same time that I try to explain it on this page. Most of the informations provided and used here come from

Using this file

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