Vacuum former

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Vacuum Former

Release status: beta [box doku]

Description DIY plastic molding plateform
Author(s)  Valentin
Last Version  Pre-project (15.05.2012)

Vacuum Former

The project is lead by the requirements of producing cheap, soft and smooth plastic shells to cover the electronic part of the Swarm robots/Soccer player's core.

Material requirement

To keep it simple, we are going to use the oven from the new Xinchejian space to heat the plastic sheet, and then mold it, the vacuum cleaner used as a pump.

There is then 3 parts:

- The heating element : the oven from the space,

- The holding frame: Size not defined yet, probably a usefull surface of 20cm x 20cm / Metal,

- The Vaccum table: composed by wood, and plumbery parts for making the connection with the vacuum cleaner.

What can it make?

Stuff like this:

(Examples are coming)

Externals Ressources


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