USB to UART Module

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If you ever bricked your modem or router, one possible way to revive it is to use a UART (TTL Serial) connection to communicate with the onboard serial port directly.

We have several available in XinCheJian at your finger tips, but some soldering is expected if you are serious about using them.

Pl2303 Module

This is one of the simplest module you could find for USB to UART, the original product page is here: (With chinese documentation)[1]

The Pin out of the module is

  1. TXD
  2. RTS
  3. DSR
  4. CTS
  5. 0V
  6. DTR
  7. RXD
  8. DCD
  9. 5V

This module will work under both 5V or 3V.

Windows Driver is available at[2]

UART, I2C, SPI, EPP module

Taobao product page at[3]