Swarm Robots Pricing

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Some members of XinCheJian are going to Australia on January 24th 2013 so we can bring along swarm robots (assembled and unassembled) if you order early.

Why buy now?

These are very early adopters pricing of course; we hope that by the end of the year with large scale production the price can go down significantly and meet the $US10/robot (assembled). But there's no guarantee so we don't recommend waiting at the moment.

This gives a chance to early adopters and future distributors to get familiar with the platform and join the software development on Github...

SMT OPTION (aka X-Bot)

Be on notice that you need to do SMT soldering to assemble it!

  • RMB500 ($A77) unassembled (PCB + parts) per kit of 5
  • RMB126/each ($A20) each when buying the unassembled parts and PCB separately
  • RMB146 ($A23) per SMT assembled robot (very limited quantities available, first come first served).

For more information, check out the (Chinese-only) page at: http://www.dreamore.cn/Project/Show/512


  • The unassembled through hole components is $Axx per robot.