Swarm Robot Research Notes

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Research Notes

These are notes for Swarm Robots.

Material supplied by XCJ for the development and kept there.
We will eventually mass produce and sell the kits.
This is also a project to fix the tools CNC machine 3d printer (RepRap) first
Only open to member in good standing at XCJ
A learning experience: we're not looking for experts, but for people who are willing to learn and work hard

Around USD$5 (30RMB target) for the core components
motor, uC, motor driver, sensor, battery (without chassis)
To be built in quantity of thousands
5x5x5 centimeters (fits in a pack of cigarette) or even smaller
collaborative tasks
beacon, self-charging, etc
move something heavy around by assembling multiple robots
similar to ants, equivalent pheromenome system
interactive environment
overhead camera
infrared, light
unique id, ant-address
Give each robot autonomy: no centralized intelligence, no queen
Give each robot enough intelligence to survive.
First goal: to survive, to "feed" itself electrically.

Design within the requirements and make sure the platform has the future expansion capability, attachment (beacon, gripper, etc). Modular design, etc. Inside environment as outside environment can receive interferences.

kilobot robots: reprogramming, overhead light programmer
Infrared: bootloader that can read from infrared light.
Write a bootloader
Specialization vs generalization

research and select components
prototype on breadboard
show and tell next week with demos (show off what you've learned)
weekly hacking session (scrum master)
schedule sub-team hacking session
discuss on mailing list
Purchasing: send the link to Taobao (staff meeting)

Mechanical platform CNC milling station (produce wheels, chassis) linux; Paul & Edward & Chris & Valentin
3d models design proposals, ideas: size, physical interface, inspire: Chris
motor selected: Edward's geared motor, 3RMB each
Electrical platform battery selection? example LiPo (200mA/hour) - Svend & Lutz
self-charger? contact charging? research...
Look at Kilobot: elastic metal plate, ground, the robot can squeeze himself, bendy, inductive spring system to establish contact with the robot

Electronics communication (infrared; receiver and transmitter, swarm identification, mesh networking?): Edward & Paul & Spencer & Infy
motor driver: variable power: Raymond & Chris & Jorke (DRV8833 or the Toshiba chip, 1A)
SMD/SMT components, soldering tiny little component

Software microcontroller selection, bootloader and development environment: Spencer & Raymond & Robot Lee & Valentin
simulate swarm algorithm, tasks, goals on computer: Raymond & Robot Lee

For reference, Lutz R2D2 robot
chassis: 20RMB
Attiny85: 12RMB
two motors: 2*3 = 6RMB
infrared sensor: 1RMB
two batteries: 4*2=8RMB
sound module: 15RMB
43RMB -> 50RMB

Electrical platform

Battery & Charger

LiPO charging chip:

Charging profiles of different type of batteries:

Optional ideas

See also