SwarmRobot meeting 2012-11-29

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* Location : XinCheJian
* Present  : Spencer, Edward, Lutz, Leo, Robin, Marc
* Apologies: 

How the meeting is organised:-
Focus is on the SwarmRobots making activity - not on the administration activity!

Always lots to get through - keep meeting to 1/2 hour or less! If required - push some items into sep discussions / workgroups.

In general approach is fill in detail BEFORE meeting & send out/remind day prior. Then meeting can just quickly focus on things that need discussing and not spend ages on the detail.

However this requires someone do this every week in advance!!!

SwarmRobot activity since last meeting

  • Sunny - 32u4 boards - Marc tested & emailed about pinout/issues

Reminder - to everyone to share what you are doing - publish/update wiki and git. If you need accounts or help - just ask! Do keep using the mailing list - but remember to publish to wiki & git so everyone can find the latest!

Meeting notes & TO DO action items

These notes are in a 'semi-organised order' - not in time-line 'as discussed'.

Please note there are some actions that need volunteers!

Comings & goings:-
* ?
  • Stuff to follow up from previous meetings:
    • Want to get Robo racing going (leverage swarm...)
      • Market to schools - nice kit - AtTiny kit as easier to solder
      • completed: TODO Spencer Ask for WISS contact - email sent
      • XCJ Workshops only 15/12 & 22/12 possibly available, all prior dates booked [[1]]
    • TO DO EDWARD?? W&K email they want workshop - see XCJ staff emails
    • Leo - met Prof Koo assistant - big event, SwarmRobot could be one part of this. One event in Beijing, one in Shenzhen. Leo still getting more detail.
    • TO DO - Spencer prepare one SwarmRobot for Valentin to take to France + link to the presentation
    • TO DO - Leo prepare one Swarmbot for Valentin to take to France

  • New items for this meeting:-

  • Ongoing
    • TODO(everyone) promote swarm/XCJ on own & xcj sites
    • Robin is SwarmRobot group Treasurer
    • Github and wiki (share documentation - how to AND these meeting notes) -> ongoing
    • PartKeepr for SwarmRobots