SwarmRobot meeting 2012-10-11

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* Location : XinCheJian
* Present  : Leo, Lutz, Edward, Spencer


  • no notes for long time

Meeting notes & TO DO action items

These notes are in a 'semi-organised order' - not in time-line 'as discussed'.

Please note there are some actions that need volunteers!

Lutz - away late next week until 25th
Edward not available workshop weekend 27/28th- but will prepare workshop parts

  • AFRON Robots in Museum Display at UC Berkeley: send one & leave
    • completed:TODO(Spencer) organise sending
    • completed: TODO(Anyone) - recomend shipping company Shanghai to America UC Berkeley
    • TODO(Spencer) working with/leveraging AFRON - they will promote some robots

  • Discussion next major Swarm goals & activities
    • Agreed main focus of future Swarm work will be new 32u4 board.
    • Discussion about 32u4 workshops & small form factor & soldering for beginners - several options

  • Workshop
    • Workshop - last night's open night people asking when is the next one
    • Discussing next workshop after Maker carnval - with NEW 32u4 DESIGN - need proven hardware & code
    • Agreed 27th or maybe 28th with AtTiny 2313 SwarmRobot with minor hardware updates
    • Plus use SwarmRobots from workshop at Maker Carnival then they collect after!!!!!!!!!!
    • TODO(Mika & Lutz) LARGE POSTER and flyer/business card handouts roboracing + swarm + XCJ
    • completed: TODO(Spencer) blurb for 27th workshop (sunday = fallback), circulate to staff
    • completed: TODO(Edward) - get parts - ORDERED - still waiting batteries/chargers & motors
    • Agreed order 100 PCB for each of AtTiny main board and 100 IR obejct shields
    • completed: TODO(Spencer) do the shield pcb changes & then give Edward
    • no time - skipping this TODO(Edward) change for motor etc
    • completed: TODO(Edward) order 100 x main PCBs & 100 x shield PCBs
    • PCB distribution:
      • Spencer 50 of each
      • Lutz - take 20 of each
      • Remainder = Workshop & swarm use

  • Maker Carnival 2-4 November
    • Display many SwarmRobots in an enclosure
    • TODO need IR beacons & Button/come here IR - SPENCER working on remote control
    • TODO code + better ir avoid code & hardware
    • TODO(??) need sign up sheets to get peoples names & contact details so can send them Swarm/workshop information

  • Advertising & recruiting more members
    • TODO(Spencer) advertising/publicity - Shanghai media - done interview & gave photos to one magazine
    • TODO(everyone) promote swarm/XCJ on own & xcj sites
    • TODO(Lutz) sponsorship for SwarmRobots and possibly RoboRacing to help with promotion and possibly prizes or parts
    • TODO(Edward ) is going to get Roboracing more active ..anyone want to help?

  • Other discussion and Activity
    • Leo helped debug one IR shield Receiver LED failed!
    • Lutz suggested ISP vs battery issue - maybe ISP is using same IO pins....
    • Kickstarter discussion - sorry I did not hear outcome of this.
    • in progress TODO(Spencer) - Be the SwarmRobot group Treasurer
    • SwarmRobot competition entry page has had over 1,400 views since competition winners announced!