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This is a development board by ATMEL for AVR micro-controllers, it's capable of doing ISP (in system programming), HVSP (High Voltage Serial Programming - good to fix them when you miss-program them) and has pins that you can easily connect to onboard leds/buttons or off board to a breadboard.

for HVSP mode on attiny's 25/45/85 (8pins) connect the following, you must supply 12v through external power if you are using a USB>Serial adapter (FTDI)

PROG DATA pin 1 to SPROG1 pin 4
PROG DATA pin 2 to SPROG1 pin 1
PROG DATA pin 3 to SPROG1 pin 3

PORTE pin 4 (rst) to PORTB pin 6 (PB5)
PORTE pin 7 (xt1) to PORTB pin 4 (PB3)