Solar Charger

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Solar Charger

Release status: stable [box doku]

Description Beautiful bamboo encased solar charger
Author(s)  Nelson Zhang

What is it?

  • Beautiful bamboo encased solar charger
  • Stage: ready to commercialize (produce and sale)
  • Help with: manufacturing, sales
  • Contact: Nelson Zhang


  • To test the charging circuit:
    • Run 6V at 300mA into the miniUSB (this is what the solar panels will be rated at)
    • Measure the output from JP1 and JP2
  • To test the discharging circuit:
    • Run 3.7V through the positive and negative terminals on the board
    • Measure the output from the USB - it should be 5V
    • Measure the voltage on the D+ and D- pins - it should be 2V