Sofa Car

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Sofa Car

Release status: unknown [box doku]
Description Sofa based electrical vehicle for great justice
Author(s)  Lio Lunesu

Sofa Car, also known as Sofa Bike or Sofa King Awesome Electric Bike Vehicle for Environmental Protection, Justice, and Comfort, was created in 2014 by Lio Lunesu at Xinchejian.


Lio saw an old sofa. Thought it would be great if he could go places just by sitting on it. Thus Sofa Car was born.


  • Sample pictures
  • Skydrive link


  • Nasty sofa
  • Metal stuff for frame
  • Battery
  • Electric motor / wheels
  • Joystick (v. 1.0)
  • Bike front (v. 1.1)


v 1.0

  • Weld metal frame
  • Weld electric wheels to frame

v 1.1

  • Saw bike front off
  • Weld bike front on

Motor Control Logic

  • insert funky schematic design thing here

Project Status

Release 1.2 ("Sofa Car gets brakes")

  • New wiring, with key lock:

Office Lens 20150924 113910 processed.jpg

Release 1.1 ("Sofa Car to Sofa Bike")

  • Addition of bike
  • Change steering from joystick to bike

Release 1.0 ("Sofa Car")

  • Joystick control
  • Known Issues: Turning problems.


Sofa Car in the media.

  • http:// itv something

About the Maker

Lio is a crazy guy.

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