Private Git Repositories

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Private Git repos

Sometimes you'll want to have your own Private git repo and if you're like me you have your own resources to do so, a simple way to get setup for your own Private repo (not shared!) is as follows:

Since i doubt you are using passwords for ssh i'll assume you've already setup your RSA key with pass-phrase:

On the server

  mkdir .git-repos
  mkdir .git-repos/some-reponame.git 
  (or just mkdir -p .git-repos/some-reponame.git for short) 
  cd .git-repos/some-reponame.git/ && git init --bare

a nice tidy place to put them..

On your local machine.. in your favorite work folder with all your work in it:

  git init
  git add .
  git remote add origin
  git commit -am "first commit.. woo hoo. xcj"
  git push origin master

Now if you want auto-checkout to say.. a web directory.. do this on the server:

  (ee|vi|vim|nano) ~/.git-repos/some-reponame.git/hooks/post-receive
  GIT_WORK_TREE=/path/to/your/httpdocs/folder git checkout -f
  chmod +x ~/.git-repos/some-reponame.git/hooks/post-receive

If you get permission errors, then modify as needed