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Paper Tower Competition


With only one sheet of paper (Big Size, 50x60cm, French format called 'Raisin') you have one hour to build a tower that need to support 1Kg for at least 30 seconds.

  • One sheet of paper only, (50cm x 60cm), the weight of it is your choice (usually from 90g to 120g)
  • You have only one hour to build it, all tools are accepted (from the glue gun to nails, whatever)
  • At the end of the time, your tower needs to support 1Kg for at least 30 seconds.


The score is calculated like this:

Score = (Height of your tower, centimeters) - (weight of your tower, grammes)

So the higher your tower is, and the lighter it is, the bigger your score will be.

If your tower didn't support 1Kg for 30 seconds, you're not disqualified, but your score is divided by 2 ;)