Paper Bridge

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1、材料:10张A4纸,一根50cm棉线,2个固体胶;除此以外不得使用其它材料。 1. Material, 10 pieces of A4 papers, 50cm string, 2 glue stick (not hot glue). no other materials allowed

2、规则: 2. Rules


 Weight of bridge should be less than 0.5KG


 Bridge is longer than 30cm, wider than 5cm


 bridge should provide a flat surface.

4) 必须有桥墩且桥墩内侧可通过长宽各为20CM,高10CM的长方体;

 There should be a space allow a 20cm wide and 10cm high block to pass through


 NO other restrictions on the shape of the bridge


 The result would be the weight the bridge hold without collapsing or sink for less than 5cm. The bridge with more weight wins.