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Spaghetti Bridge Overview

These notes on how to run a basic Spaghetti Bridge competition. The idea first happened in 2011 (?) in cooperation with Techyizu. It has been held 3 times at Xinchejian.

Basic Notes

  • Setting up
  • Explanation
  • Building
  • Judging
  • Clean up


  • For the Teams
    • Glue gun
    • Glue
    • Spaghetti (500g)
    • Hook
  • For Organizers
    • Scale
    • Whiteboard

Marketing Materials

Who among you can build the mightiest bridge? Who has the superior spaghetti engineering skills? For those of you brave enough, Xinchejian is proud to issue this challenge of supreme nerdiness: Build the bridge that can hold the most weight, using only spaghetti and glue.


  • Free-standing (stands by itself)
  • Span two level surfaces, 50 cm apart.
  • Incorporate the hook into its structure
  • Maximum vertical height is 40 cm
  • Maximum vertical depth is 20 cm


  • Make sure your hook in firmly in the bridge
  • Make sure your bridge is long enough
  • Try to use all of your spaghetti
  • Decide on a design early


  • Judges will pour water / rice into a bucket

attached to the hook of the bridge.

  • When the bridge explodes, the final weight

will be used to score the team.


Michael Liao -- Whatever --

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