New Members Welcome 201207

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Main Idea

Run a monthly new member welcome / integration day

  • Goals: New Members Welcome - Bring new Xinchejian members together, orientation
  • Organizer: Ricky, Edward
  • Date: The THIRD FRIDAY of every month
  • Next: 20 July 2012, Friday
  • Time: Evening, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Post-Event Summary

  • Comments are from 24 July 2012 Meeting
  • Overall: Positive
  • Good points:
    • Fun informal atmosphere
    • Star bridge building was fun
  • Problems:
    • Need better promotion, not enough new members
    • A little less talk / introduction
    • Prefer not Friday

Future Actions

  • Promotion: Use SMS - Someone will mass text all members
  • Survey: Use surveys to better understand members (Surveymonkey)
  • Improve Email: Consider using email service (Mailchimp)

Old info

Event Planning Details

1. TODO: Ricky to talk to Edward 2. Food: Is already handled (snacks, drinks) 3. Marketing: Email needs to be written and sent out

- How many to come? (30-40)
- To be sent to all members.
- Ricky to send it
- Mika to translate
- Ricky to send tomorrow

4. Presentation:

- Mika to translate to Chinese

5. Staff members:

- Ricky, Min Lin, Lio, Mika
- (Valentin birthday)


  • Lead: Ricky
  • Helper 1: Marketing / emails:
  • Helper 2:
  • Stuff Budget
    • Gifts: Badges, hugs
    • Booze: Cheap beer

Welcome Agenda

  • Staff Introductions (?)
  • New Member Introductions (?)
  • Project Introductions (?)
  • Equipment & Systems & Boards on hand (?)

Extend the New Members Welcome to give them a hands introduction not just to the existing active projects but also to all those projects on the display shelves, donated items (makeblock, FPGA board, Panda Board, Seeed stuff, DFRobots?, ec etc) and all the parts/things for sale.

The current approach of giving new members a tour of the space is great, but there is so much for newcomers to take in that everything can't be done in one introduction and we can't expect the newcomers to remember everything as well.

XCJ has a massive amount of stuff available for people to use and buy, but not everyone knows what is available, let alone where it is and where to get information about any item!

Looking to use "the space is the project" approach to to find who is interested in what ... and encourage them to get active and take responsibility for items/doco/restocking. Doco should also include introducing people to the site, wiki, mailing list, weibo AND encouraging them to contribute some data entry!!!!! It would be great to set people up with accounts and get them ACTIVELY editing & entering data for 10 minutes or so ! (6 people x 10 minutes = 1 hour data entry :)

One part of this could be listing all the items and parts in something like the Partkeepr system that Severin showed us - see This could also be used to track loans of items.

The move to the new space, membership restructures, moves to update web site, mailing lists etc are already looking at taking XCJ to 'the next level'

Benefits would include:

   - encouraging newcomers to play/hack (at no cost - for the items on hand - not sure if we want to add a "workshop" fee for this for members or not)
   - getting the on hand items actively USED!!!!!
   - finding out who is interested in what and maybe formation of new special interest/project sub-groups
   - getting everyone actively involved in the wiki and mailing list (and maybe partkeepr or similar)
   - creation of info/doco for everyone to use in future
   - creation of an online parts inventory/loan system
  • New Member Task / Challenge


  • Materials for New Member Task / Challenge
  • Could include adding profile info on wiki and updating parts database